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Navigation Portal Help

[Post New]by badgerfann on Feb 12, 13 6:00 AM
Not sure if I have a glitch in my game or am doing something wrong. I have placed the colored pieces into the 3 navigation portals and game now says to "select the right buttons. rotate levers to see the icons. The first icons are 4 leaves and 3 mountains, I've selcted those and the first button on the left is lit. However, when I rotate the levers to get the next icons nothing happens....the leaves and mountains are still there. Glitch?

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Re:Navigation Portal Help

[Post New]by WilJul on Feb 13, 13 4:02 AM
I didn't even notice those green buttons when I first played it, but I just replayed and saw them this time thanks to you!

The way this game is played is to rotate the discs (the ones that show you the numbers of the icons to click) and then click that amount of icons. So let's say you're looking at the start screen and the left hand disc is showing you a green leaf and the number 4 - you click on 4 green leaves in one of the 3 center panels. You've gotten that far - I know....

But now you must click and drag on the disc to rotate it to show you the next number and icon. So click and drag on the left disc and rotate it counter-clockwise (it's kind of finicky about where to click, sometimes a hand showed up, but most times it didn't, just keep trying to grab it in different spots until it lets you rotate it) and now you should see a brown diamond and the number 2. So you look and find 2 brown diamonds in one of the three center panels, they should be in the lower right panel. Now click and rotate the disc past the leaf/4 in a clockwise direction and you should see a blue raindrop and the number 2, click on the two blue raindrops, etc. Go all the way around with this disc then move to the right hand disc and repeat.

I hope that made sense and that it helps you complete the puzzle!

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