Snow Fall Mountains Level 15 HELP

[Post New]by chuckles74 on Feb 12, 13 8:45 AM
I have tried everything and can not get through! You start this level with no money and a mine is already in place. I have tried using my spells at the beginning at "crossroads" and then destroying mine so I had enough cash to build 2 guns but still no go......please help !

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Re:Snow Fall Mountains Level 15 HELP

[Post New]by festclick on Feb 12, 13 2:10 PM
Start the wave early for bonus cash by clicking on the next wave icon, do this for every wave.

The swamp and meteors both work on ice-trolls, so use them on the first solo one. Keep your mine and wait. You should get enough money for a dart tower on the mountain with a telescope in the tower slot. You can also use the hammer (heroism spell) on your dart when it's firing, if you have it. You can then afford (the mine income) another dart tower a little further on. I could afford another dart tower and with my upgrades (2 stars on everything) the ice-troll dies, but you probably don't have all those upgrades yet. So you just sell a dart tower that is out of range to buy another until the troll dies. Then you get about 200 gold and can afford cannon towers. Build 3 cannon along the top to get rid of the wargs -- you want cannon against the next wave of shamen. Two more cannon for the shamen group on the left (not too near so they shoot before being put to sleep). Use swamp and meteor against the shamen on the left and then heroism when they're being fired on. The other shamen group will put to sleep a cannon, but you can then freeze them as they get fired on by the next one. I suggest putting up 2 artillery and upgrading 2 of the cannons for the last wave. Use your spells when ready on the group at the top. You can afford lots of upgrades, don't forget to add a cannon or dart and upgrade to make sure no spawned fast enemies get through.

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