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But to Paint a Universe

[Post New]by bfgFlounder on Feb 13, 13 12:29 AM
Follow the story of a little girl as she struggles to restore a sky broken by an evil monster in But to Paint a Universe! Play through a diverse adventure, where the rules change in every level, or test your skills in the time attack mode competing against yourself for the highest score. Enjoy a wonderful aesthetic experience, and get lost in a beautiful and atmospheric world.

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Re:But to Paint a Universe

[Post New]by SynthpopAddict on Feb 27, 15 3:38 PM
Wow, what a unique concept for a game! It's not a collapse or pop M3, but a puzzle game where you need to fill in all the marked circles with the same color by doing variations of the pop M3 gameplay. Definitely makes you think as they had some truly brilliant ideas when designing the levels. Didn't care for the bonus boards trying to look for the spheres though.

Will say the game interface is very primitive and the instructions weren't well done at all. Also the storyline is charming, but badly needs an editor as there were several obvious spelling errors. Game is *really* short at just 26 levels for the adventure mode, and apparently only 4-5 levels (at least from what I could tell) in time attack mode. I only completed the adventure mode; didn't get the point of playing time attack since it looked to be just playing a board for X amount of time to get as many points as possible, which I thought was boring. I'm glad I bought it during a sale since it's such a short game, but if you want something different this is worth a look so long as you don't mind the clunkiness of the interface.

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