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Memphis - Lily pads

[Post New]by Tsavorite on Feb 13, 13 4:43 PM
I have the grappling hook and need to throw it in the water but I can't find where to throw it. I don't think I've missed anything so what's going on?

I would appreciate an answer to this question.


Re:Memphis - Lily pads

[Post New]by wolf713 on Sep 14, 13 4:47 PM
Having the same problem, you are supposedly fishing out the weavers lost gouge. I saw no previous dialog on him losing his gouge, any help is appreciated.


Re:Memphis - Lily pads

[Post New]by wolf713 on Sep 14, 13 11:00 PM
Found my own mistake, I still had the Kyphi Perfume in my inventory, went back to Khaemouaset, gave it to him, went back to the weaver, finished the dialog, found the lily pad with the chisel on it and Maya used the rope and hook to retrieve the lily pad. The chisel was on top of the lily pad, I retrieved it and finished the exchange for the Fragrant Rush with the weaver. It's a pretty tough game without guidelines.

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