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Level 6

[Post New]by Elantra711 on Feb 15, 13 5:24 PM
I am having a problem with the game on this level, and it seems to get worse every time I have to play it over. When I am told to search my sister's room for the papers for the little Italian 3-year-old, as soon as I click on anything on the screen, the judge appears telling me that he can't believe that anyone would think that a 3-year-old is a mobster (or whatever), and I go thru the rest of the level going from bad to worse. Before I know it, Wednesday has become Saturday and Elio is asking me why I'm not there to help him shop. I've even tried beseeching in the church, but that doesn't seem to help (even tho it was successful a couple of times - was the game god lying to me?).

Can anyone help me?

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