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I was able to do just about everything in this game within a day or two real time. The only award I think I didn't complete was the very old age of over 900 years old. My oldest (given a potion) only made it until she was over one hundred.

Here are a few things that might help. Don't make butterflies close to your farms. They eat all your veggies and very fast.

Once your Tribesman has conquered a skill go ahead and have them start a new one and deselect the one they have mastered. This will help you in the future of the game.

Use potions to produce more rock formations if you think you will need a lot of rock. Or more trees. But actually, unless you are going to build all the buildings on one island you will never need all your wood and rock on one island.

The more people you have researching just like in Virtural Village games the more points you get and the smarter they are the faster. The more people the bigger the paid lode when you do use a moondust on it. Up to 2000 etc. points each moondust depending on how many are researching.

Going to the map view often will show you exactly where your next crate is in the water, no need to search the entire scene of the island. Also, from map view you will learn how to spot any moodust, stardust or gold relics without having to search the ground for them. You can even spot most mushroom if in the sand if you have a good eye.

Don't waste much time searching for guano droppings from Seagulls. This happens more often during rain or a thunderstorm, actually quite a bit. So, flying a tribes kid or adult around searching for it is somewhat tiresome so wait until it is raining or storming!

You do not have to build the buildings in any kind of order therefore you can wait to build your later buildings on a later island after you have built the shipyard which seems a little unnecessary since your ship can be built anywhere it will fit along the shoreline without having to be near a shipyard.

Unless you want to totally change the looks of your people don't use moondust on them. If you like their hairstyle and the color don't use the moondust to change it.

There are two potions that can change the style only and one that will change the color only. Most your potion knowledge comes from collecting and opening the crates. Don't be afraid of those in terrible shape!

Even those in bad shape offer very good rewards. No real harm comes to them or their crops or trees etc. Only gray hair, maybe from one.

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Those are good tips.


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How did you get the Explorer Extraordinaire trophy?


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thanks a lot

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