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Reviews for Pet Store Panic

[Post New]by bfgTokoro on Feb 19, 13 12:37 AM
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Re:Reviews for Pet Store Panic

[Post New]by bfgTokoro on Feb 19, 13 12:37 AM
Hi Fishies,

I just wanted to add to the OP: This thread has been reserved for reviews only.

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Re:Reviews for Pet Store Panic

[Post New]by Imberis on Feb 19, 13 12:53 AM
I love Time Management games, but this one gets confusing pretty quickly.

You own a strange pet shop where a machine pops out the kind of animal the customer wants. As soon as you have enough money to purchase the machine that changes an animal's color, that's where it gets confusing! There's also machines that let you put a bow on the pets, so that makes it even more complicated.

You click on customers or their portraits at the bottom of the screen to tend to them and see what kind of animal they want. However, seeing black rabbits (that come from the machine as white) and white dogs (they come in black at first) gets confusing, since you get used to seeing them in their original colors. You definitely have to read and make sure you're clicking on the right animal because while they are all cute, they all look really, really similar.

The game does have a clock, and the customers do have little happiness meters above their heads that lower the slower you go, but it doesn't seem like a "beat the clock" kind of game. Perhaps later levels get harder.

The graphics are cute. The music is fine. The game has the typical time management story/cut scenes.

I'm just not sure if I really like this game. I didn't feel like I was having fun playing it, and having to look at the picture of the pet, then read the word underneath telling me what kind of animal it was (just so I was totally sure) kind of takes the fun out of it. It reminds me of Cake Mania where the item you make gets more and more complicated as the game progresses, to the point where it's no longer fun for me.

In short:
- Cute graphics. Storyline isn't that interesting. Music is OK.
- Game is timed.
- Typical "serve customers what they're asking for" kind of game (which I normally like).
- Game gets super confusing super fast.
- I didn't see any trophies or anything like that.

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Re:Reviews for Pet Store Panic

[Post New]by govegril on Feb 19, 13 3:46 AM
I am not sure either.
I usually like these kind of games but the gameplay is a little clunky, having to click a few times to get the order or pick up a pet.
I also cannot get expert on level 6 which is not a good sign

Maybe if I did not have to click a couple of times on everything to get it to take I might enjoy it more.

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Re:Reviews for Pet Store Panic

[Post New]by bookwriter on Feb 19, 13 7:41 AM
I have to agree with the others....I'm not too sure about this one. I want to be able to tell what pet I am being asked for by the picture. I think the pictures all look like pot bellied pigs. I also have a problem telling if the animal that comes out is the color they want or if I have to color it. That's probably just me. I can't tell at a glance what they are asking for -- is it a collar, what IS it? Very frustrating at times. I also am having an issue with double clicking on things to get what I want. Maybe it gets better with later levels, but I don't know. I tried making pets ahead of time and leaving them on the stations as a "holding" area. This helped a little, but it is just a little confusing for me. As I stated before...I'm just not sure.

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Re:Reviews for Pet Store Panic

[Post New]by McKoehn on Feb 19, 13 6:59 PM
I am enjoying this cute game. I seem to wait forever for a time management game, so when one finally comes out, I am not highly critical. Thanks for a game I can enjoy! I do wish the circles were a bit larger with the graphics, so that it is clear which thing you need to click on, as some are very similar, but other than that, no complaints. I bought this game and am having fun!

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Re:Reviews for Pet Store Panic

[Post New]by ojennifer on Feb 19, 13 10:12 PM
I just finished the entire hour of this game

Pro- it is fun and fast paced
you can keep your upgrades if you go back and repeat a level
the music and graphics are nice

Cons- the line seems to move backwards. new customers will not come in if anyone is still in the last spot
upgrades are really expensive
the thought bubbles line up on the bottom of the screen not with the actual customer
thought bubbles are very tiny and hard to see

overall, this was a cute game. I think if the developers went back and tweaked it a little, It would be a great game

I think some of the customers patience went by too fast, especially considering all the machines that they request

I'm still on the fence about this one. It looked like it only had 4 shops, and would be a very short game. So, I'm not sure about the length.

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Re:Reviews for Pet Store Panic

[Post New]by MsHamster on Feb 19, 13 11:01 PM
The graphics were cute ... but the negatives out-weighed the positives on this one.

Loading took a little too long - early levels it seemed to take longer to load then to play the level (I have older computer so could have been that and not the game).

I agree with too much double clicking - click on a patron with a pet to see what they want, then have to click again to get the pet. And then take the pet to whatever they want, etc.

Didn't like that for those machines with a single choice I had to be sure to click on the circle at the top rather then the machine - clicking on the machine set the animal down but didn't wash/bow/collar/etc.

Would have liked to be able to queue up the next animal I wanted out of the "popper".

Hard to make expert level - level 5 was the last I got expert on. While I did see where I made mistakes, I doubt I could have made expert on very many more levels.

for me on this one

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Re:Reviews for Pet Store Panic

[Post New]by lym_1609 on Feb 20, 13 5:00 AM
Terrible game. Cursor is not sensitive. Eg I click on a station, there is a tick mark, but still the pet remains on that station, and I MUST click again against the animal, make sure that the girl takes the animal. So u must manage the customer's requests and look at that girl, make sure that she had taken the animal. A tick DOES NOT mean that the action will be done!!!

Sometimes the customer request may not be cleared and u end up doing something that is wrong, and there is no recycle bin, the play pen/animal pen is totally hopeless as u have to REMEMBER the particular animal's original color. When u click on the animal pen, it doesnt display what sort of animal it is. ALL the animals had similar cutesy look, so u must MEMORISED the animal's original color so that when u pick up that animal from the animal pen, then it will be correct. Its useless coz of this, the memory part, rather than it could be useful if it looks like a cat/dog/rabbit or with text to help u!

FISH anyone? TMG, I will highly recommend Sweet Kingdom, rather than this!

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Re:Reviews for Pet Store Panic

[Post New]by kitty1 on Feb 20, 13 7:00 AM
This game would have been fine maybe 5 YEARS AGO It is similar to all those Pet Shop games from 2009. Very clunky--no animation between scenes. You cannot chain actions or even hold 2 animals at once. When you give a person a cookie it stays in your hand & there's no real reaction from the character. Grey & black animals are somewhat hard to tell apart--why not make one of the animal colors orange instead? Also cannot switch animal in your hand with another to pick up. Without any of these abilities I found it impossible to reach expert after level 5.
Wouldn't get this one even as a DD


Re:Reviews for Pet Store Panic

[Post New]by ElizabethR1533 on Feb 20, 13 10:18 AM
Only to echo what other reviewers have said. This game standard would perhaps have been okay 5 years ago for numerous reasons:

- Once again, it's just a click-fest and my wrist is actually sore
- The cursor isn't very sensitive, and you often have to click more than once for the tick to appear
- You cannot chain actions. Plus, it says "chain actions/customers for more points", but you can't! Plus, if you want to collect all the money at once, for a chain, it's starts flashing at you "don't forget to collect cash".
- Can't hold more than one animal
- FAR too confusing, for the following reasons:
Animals look similar.
The 'thing' you need to do to the animals look similar and is far too small.
The 'thing' customers want appears at the side, and not above the character, which would make things less confusing.
- Customers get mad quickly. I can only imagine this gets far worse!
- When you deliver an animal, the character makes a "yipee" or "kiss" sound, and you can't leave the customer until they have finished "Yipeeing".
- No recycle bin. So if you get it wrong, you're stuffed.
- Upgrades are expensive

Once again, waiting an eon for a TM game, and it's rubbish, IMO.

I can't remember the last time BF brought I game out that I truly loved to play and replay again. Last year, I think.....

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Re:Reviews for Pet Store Panic

[Post New]by Bailey868 on Feb 20, 13 4:30 PM
Come on, Big Fish...give us a good T.M. game, will you? I loved the "Paradise Pet Salon" game from several years ago and had hopes for this one...but it's a dog. (My apologies to dog lovers.) Difficult to distinguish between the pets. Prior reviews have stated that it's "clunky" which is a PERFECT description. A big "no" for me.

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Re:Reviews for Pet Store Panic

[Post New]by lilTweet7 on Feb 20, 13 5:59 PM
It is a cute game, but I can see what others have mentioned... that the clicking is a bit sticky. I've had to click several times to get one job done. The music is typical for a TM, and nothing to rave about, but at least while playing, the option to turn it completely down is there, which I found I had to do.

The game is not really fast paced, but it can get a little tricky trying to actual see what's in the little bubble diagram of what needs to be done. I can't say this game is a barrel of fun, but cute, yes. If it were not for the 20% discount, I probably would not purchase it, but since it is on sale, what the heck.

BTW, the animals remind me of the Furby's.

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Re:Reviews for Pet Store Panic

[Post New]by sonofstar on Feb 20, 13 7:55 PM
I used a game credit to purchase this one, but I'm not jumping up and down with enthusiasm. Trying to grab the pet from the owner in order to give it a bath, dry, etc slows you down incredibly. Sometimes I'll click on a pet on a machine, and the game acts as if I did nothing so the pet doesn't get picked up and I return to the owner empty handed only to have to go back for the pet. Same thing happens in reverse. I go to the owner, but the owner doesn't get recognized (and all of this is in spite of the fact I make sure the pet or owner are outlined in green).

I could only get gold on the first 6 or so levels. After that, I found it impossible...possibly because of all the time eating glitches grabbing pets (or not). I bought every piece of equipment, all the upgrades and all levels of the shoes, went back to the earlier levels and still couldn't get gold. That says something about the enjoyability factor of the game.

If you've only downloaded the demo, you might consider playing it for as much fun as you can get out of it but not wasting a credit or money to purchase the whole thing, no matter how cute it may look.


Re:Reviews for Pet Store Panic

[Post New]by TeenyLeeny on Feb 21, 13 12:10 PM
I bought this game because time management games are in such short supply and they are my favorite. That said, this one leaves me totally unsatisfied for several reasons. The customers can only be chosen if you click on or above the counter. If you click anywhere below the counter (customer's legs), that customer won't be selected. When chaining and timed actions are the key to this game, a little more leeway should be given to the area that can be clicked. The accessories (bows, collars, etc.) have the same problem. When picking up a pet from a station, it won't do to click the machine the pet sits on, you have to click ON the pet, and this becomes annoying when the actions are being timed. The circles above the pets that indicate the action to be taken are way too small. By the time you figure out what the customer wants, some are already walking out the door. All in all, the chaining should be much smoother and clickable areas should be larger, as well as the order bubbles.


Re:Reviews for Pet Store Panic

[Post New]by wildhartz on Feb 23, 13 7:28 AM
I to find this game rough around the edges. It took me a hour to figue out why I could not get expet on the higher levels. In orde to get expect on most levels you can only by two machines.
1. The paint machine
2 The pattern machine.
After you buy just these two machines upgrade them. If you buy the bow machine or any of the others your not going to get expet. I think this could of been awesome game if it was refixed.

Fixes needed that I see are:
1. Clumsy controls.
2. Prices to purchase items
3. Pets need to resemble there animal not pigs.
4 The black and gray colors look the same get rid of gray and use a brighter color.
5 Chain reactions
6 If you by the bow machine make it equal to the higher machines
7 An fifth State to go to
8 Able to pick up more pets.

These are just my thoughs. I wish I was a devloper I would fix it. LOL


Re:Reviews for Pet Store Panic

[Post New]by StealthBunny on Feb 23, 13 9:41 AM
At least I'm not the only one who's rather lost by this one.

The Pet Popper concept was so... weird that I had to try it. And it might have been a fun game, but for everything pretty much already mentioned. (I thought it was ME until I came here and read the other reviews!)

Clicks don't respond.

Impossible to get expert from about the last two levels in the first location on. Without the expert, can't get money to buy updates, so can't get expert...

Can't see what the customer is requesting, although I finally figured out that the tiny icon matches the button on the machine when the customer brings an animal in. When a customer requests the animal, you have to match the picture, which again, is pretty tiny. The colors don't match, but it may be that in future levels you can give different color bows/collars, etc. I haven't gotten that far and may not.

The game encourages chaining, but so far, the only time I have seen a chain-able action is picking up money.

The animals look alike. And I kept hitting the button for the cat when I meant to hit the rabbit and vice versa. And I have a rabbit, so you'd think that would make a difference to me! But nope, can't tell them apart. It's even worse when I'm shuffling animals around.

The most frustrating part is that you can't get any new customers until the one at the end of the line is gone. So you have to work backwards. And get a customer one at a time. Which also does away with any chance of chaining unless you leave the money up at the first stations until the very end. And if you clear them in the wrong order, the game reads the "line" as being full and will only let in one or two customers, because it thought the spaces ahead were full when you just hadn't picked up the money fast enough.

The concept was so goofy (creating animals in a machine that pops them out in a bubble? BWAH!) that I really wanted to like this game. But it's just too confusing to play, the mechanics don't work well enough, and really, in this day and age of Time Management games? There's not much of an excuse for it.

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Re:Reviews for Pet Store Panic

[Post New]by janielu2 on Feb 25, 13 12:53 PM
the clicking does not work well. Have to reclick on items numerous times. Also signs of what people want could be bigger. Especially when more than one service requested.

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Re:Reviews for Pet Store Panic

[Post New]by janielu2 on Feb 25, 13 1:26 PM
the farther into the game you get, the worse the clicking gets. Should not have bought it. Hopefully, they will fix it and give us an update.

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Re:Reviews for Pet Store Panic

[Post New]by mtvoyager on Feb 27, 14 1:20 PM
I agree with the others about the clunky clicking. I do really like this type of game though and I really wanted to like this one. Well, I don't hate it, but don't like it well enough for a buy.

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