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Level 41 (last level)

[Post New]by jawfish on Feb 20, 13 3:27 AM
This level is really confusing, have trouble completing before nightfall. Almost every product is needed but most of the space is not accessible in the beginning. Help on building order appreciated, thanks

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Re:Level 41 (last level)

[Post New]by sipason on Feb 20, 13 7:36 AM
This level took more than 30 minutes, so I'll briefly write in this post...

Produce all required products with this order-

Crust/Pie (Produce pies until you complete crust goal)

Yogurt/Cheese -> 2 Cheese chains
(Demolish fruit chain buildings and build cheese chain buildings after feeding the ork)

Cake/Milk -> 2 Ice cream chains
(Keep 2 dairy farms and collect milk.
After you're done with cheese, build cake chain.
Then, produce cakes and feed the ork.
Demolish cake chain buildings and a dairy farm.
Build and upgrade ice cream chain buildings.)
Demolish the sawmill after upgrading ice cream buildings.
(Apply all upgrades for all buildings, except ice cream factories.
Skip defense and boost upgrade for those factories.)
I built 3 ice cream factories, cause I had a lot of extra milk and chocolates.

Collect 250000 gold first, then exchange ice cream into wood.
(The goal accomplishment doesn't go away even though you use up all your gold coins)
After feeding the troll, build a dairy farm and a cocoa farm, then fully upgrade it.
Buy 250 cocktails and feed the ork while building towers.
Sell ice cream and collect 140000 gold for ransom after building all the towers.
Pay the ransom to get the last artifact piece.


Re:Level 41 (last level)

[Post New]by jpekins on Feb 20, 13 11:01 AM
Is there anyway you can be more specific with the walkthrough? I can't even get the level started...

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Re:Level 41 (last level)

[Post New]by jawfish on Feb 20, 13 1:32 PM
Thank you sipason, finally got expert.

What I did was have 2 sets of buildings to produce ice cream, ie 2 dairy, 2 cocoa farms etc. I upgraded one set fully with defense and boost (since the dragon keeps attacking my ice cream factory and the other set I just have the boost. Hope this helps anyone reading this

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Re:Level 41 (last level)

[Post New]by trish999 on Feb 24, 13 12:44 AM
This was a really tough level but I after a few tries I did make gold.

Clear a couple of branches and immediately make a cocoa garden.
Clear the rest of your rocks and branches and upgrade the cocoa garden.
Build a market
Sell cocoas and and build your cocoa separater
Sell more stuff and build your chocolate factory.
While your waiting for the chocolate to produce tickle the orc so you can free your workers.
Sell a couple of chocolates to get enough money to replace your donkeys.
Build a dairy farm. Upgrade it right away. Milk is very important to keep you going and you will need another one a little later.
Build your buildings(wheat, mill, bakery) to produce your 30 biscuits. Upgrade all of these so you can produce them fast and delete them. Make sure you save 5 bags of flour and 5 biscuits to make your 5 cakes and pies later.
Sell enough chocolate to pay the little man $10,000 so you can collect your wood.
Build your first ice cream factory.
Build your buildings to make your 30 blocks of cheese. Again upgrade them so you can quickly make them and get them deleted.
Build orchard, juicer and yogurt factory to make your 5 yogurts to pay the little man and open your treasure chest.
After you have deleted your cheese buildings build your cake building and pie building. You only need 5 so do not waste any upgrades. After you have your 5 of each pay the little guys with them and delete those buildings.
Build another dairy farm
Do not build a wood cutter. Use the hut to trade ice cream for wood. You will need all of your money to buy cocktails and pay the little guy at the end.
After you start getting a bunch of wood, upgrade, boost and put defense on everything as soon as you can
Build your 2nd set of cocoa garden, separater, choc factory and ice cream and upgrade, boost and defense.
You will quickly make enough ice cream to get the wood you need to pay the orc 14,000 wood.
Keep trading for wood and selling ice cream to make as much money as possible.
Buy your cocktails
Pay the orc 250 cocktails, pay the little guy 140,000, grab your artifact.

While doing all of this keep trading for wood and build your towers as soon as you have enough wood to build them. You should have all of them finished about the same time you are collecting your artifact.

Use your bonuses often to speed up production and also you will have to have a castle with 12 workers and 12 donkeys to make it through this level.
I am sure I probably forgot something but I hope this helps.

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Re:Level 41 (last level)

[Post New]by HobGoblin2 on Feb 24, 13 11:04 AM
OMG! This is really hard work!


Re:Level 41 (last level)

[Post New]by DonaldSparrow on Feb 24, 13 11:20 AM
Finally, I had experienced! I'm so happy


Re:Level 41 (last level)

[Post New]by Linniechan on Mar 3, 13 7:17 AM
I will share my way to solve this .inside ( ) is number to create and sell X2(upgrade) S(shield) +(boost)

1)Before evacuating a small man(10000 gold),you need to do the first update of castle, tickling a dragon(?) to open the space and also 10 orchids are ready.


build a cocoa garden(x2)

build a market
farmhouse(x2) ?keep going to produce until 36)

cocoa garden(x2)(4)?build a cocoa separator and a mill
windmill (keep going to produce 36 by using wheat)

cocoa separator(2)?build a chocolate factory

chocolate factory(1)?upgrade the castle(2000 gold)?and Build orchard
orchard(10) and demolish it

chocolate factory(1)?tickle a dragon and open the space and get workers.

chocolate factory(5)?evacuate a small man(1000 gold) and get woods

at the same time

build a jucer
juicer (5) and demolish it and yogurt factory

9donkies purchase

use woods to speed up windmill(x2) and orchid(x2)

daily farm (x2 S +)

chocolate factory(5)?demolish orchid and create a ice cream factory

2)use first 2500 woods(5 ice creams ) and woods in treasure box to upgrade of the first set of ice cream factory totally and also 2nd upgrade the castle and create workers.


yogurts(5), ice cream(5) ?get woods and upgrade all the first ice cream producing set.(x2 S +)

demolish yogurts and build cake bakery (5)

ice cream(5)?upgrade castle and hire both workers until 12.

demolish farmhouse(x2) and build a bakery (until 30)
demolish cake bakery and build confectionery (5)

demolish windmill and build the second daily farm(x2 S +)

ice cream(5) ?evacuate a golem(2500 woods)

3)second set of ice cream factories set needs to be created by opposit order,
because of a lot of chocolate in stack. it's speedy to create ice cream


sell ice cream(5)

build a ice cream factory and chocolate factory

exchange ice cream into woods and upgrade both(x2 S +)

demolish bakery and pie factory after work done.

build a cocoa separator and a cocoa garden

exchange ice cream into woods and upgrade both(x2 S +)

the second set of ice cream producing set is ready.

evacuate 3 orcs(5 ice cream 5 chocolate cakes 5 orchid pies)

4)until last golem (14000 wood) is evacuated,cheese should not be made.
on the top of the map, there are two space you can see, you can use the space to create cheeses while creating 250000 gold.


exchange ice cream into woods until 14000 woods.

evacuate a golem(14000 woods)

get a gold pot

build a separator and a creamery
cheese(30) to sell

in a mean time

sell all ice cream to create 250000 gold.

5)the last moment, two ice cream factories to be demolished and you will create 10000 woods(equivalent of three towers)


exchange 250000 gold into cocktails(250)

exchange ice creams(10) into gold

in a mean time

exchange ice creams into woods (21000 (7 huge-towers))

build 7 huge towers

after evacuate a orc(250 cocktails)

exchange ice creams into gold (120000 gold)

demolish two ice cream factory to get gold and woods(10000 woods and 20000 gold)

build 3 more huge towers and evacuate a small man(140000 gold) to get artifact.

all process was finished in 30 minutes.

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Re:Level 41 (last level)

[Post New]by Grannygrim on Mar 6, 13 3:44 AM
I have finished the level and it took ages.
1/ I first built a market out of the funds at the beginning,
2/ I bought the buildings to buy crusts
3/ I sold them until I had enough gold to buy sawmill.
4/ I then bought the buildings to produce the cocktails for the ork
You can probably figure out the rest but the most important is to BUY A MARKET

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Re:Level 41 (last level)

[Post New]by Destinye on Mar 11, 13 5:34 PM
I have gold on all the other levels but this level is beating me, even with the strategies! Anyone else got any tips?

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Re:Level 41 (last level)

[Post New]by Destinye on Mar 11, 13 6:19 PM
Finally did it, I demolished everything at the end, and was able to get it done in time! In case this helps anyone!

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Re:Level 41 (last level)

[Post New]by vingilot on Mar 12, 13 9:55 PM
Here's how I finally passed this level in 32 minutes:

Clear to the first plot on the bottom and build cocoa factory, add defense.

Clear rest of the wood/stones, build market in plot to left of castle.

As soon as you have money, build the cocoa powder and chocolate factory in the lower left corner.

Build sawmill next to market. Start cutting wood to add all upgrades to buildings.

In two plots in mid-right, build dairy farm and creamery, add all upgrades.

Upgrade castle, buying more donkeys. Tickle the dragon. Release workers.

Buy all available donkeys again.

In upper left plot, built the cheese factory, add all upgrades. Sell cheese and chocolates.

As soon as you have $10,000 pay the goblin in the bottom right. Build fruit orchard and upgrade to make-two only. Once you have 10 fruit, demolish and build juicer. Do not upgrade. Make five juice. While you're doing that, clear debris to the trading post in bottom right.

As soon as you have enough cream to complete the 30 cheese, demolish the creamery and build ice cream factory. Add all upgrades. Demolish the sawmill and use only the ice cream trading post for wood.

Destroy juicer and build yogurt, make 5. Feed the troll in bottom right, open treasure for 2500 wood.

Upgrade castle to last level and hire three more workers and donkeys.

Once you have the 30 cheese, destroy cheese factory. Build wheat, flour and cake factory in available slots, add all upgrades.

Feed the troll 2500 wood. In those two slots, build the confectioners and the chocolate cake factories. Make five of each, feed those trolls (bottom left).

Destroy confectioners and chocolate cake, add another cocoa and cocoa powder w/ all upgrades.

Don't forget to feed the troll in mid right the 5 ice cream.

Once you have made your 30 cakes, destroy the wheat, flour and cake factories and build another chocolate, ice cream and dairy, add all upgrades.

Alternate between selling and trading ice cream for wood. Wait until you make the $250K goal before you start trading for drinks. Feed the troll 14K wood by the upper trading post. Clear the path and add another cocoa and cocoa powder factory in upper middle plots, add defense only.

Keep selling/trading ice cream. Start building your towers. Feed the troll the 250K drink. As soon as you have $140K, stop selling and only trade for wood. Build the last of your towers, pay the goblin in the upper right and collect the artifact.

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Re:Level 41 (last level)

[Post New]by vingilot on Mar 12, 13 9:57 PM
Forgot this part: once you have your 5 yogurt, destroy that factory and start your wheat chain.

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Re:Level 41 (last level)

[Post New]by SharonGia on Mar 13, 13 1:52 PM

Thank you so much for your You Tube walkthrough for level 41!

I was working on this level for days and days, finally watched your video, it still took a few more tries after that but I finally got expert with about 30 seconds to spare.

Thanks again and thanks for taking the time to do these walkthroughs, they help alot.


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Re:Level 41 (last level)

[Post New]by lindiana on Mar 16, 14 7:01 AM
I cannot get gold either but will try again with these tips.

Thanks for the help!

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