Level 4-7 Expert

[Post New]by AngelicGamer on Feb 20, 13 5:53 PM

i was hoping that if anyone had been able to get expert on this level and if so could tell me how to get it.

thanks in advance!!!


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Re:Level 4-7 Expert

[Post New]by wndf on Feb 25, 13 12:11 PM
There are at least two ways. I replayed this level to see how they were and the one that brought me success first was:

Immediately plant the pink turnip.
Start weeding and cutting away rocks.
Water the turnip to make it bloom faster and harvest right away.
Plant the pink flowers.
Water them, pick them.
In the mean time, cut away rocks and get rid of two beetles and an ant.
Watch it: spare your mana and deal with the first three pests with only one bug spray. This means you need to be on them immediately.

Pretty soon after you've killed the ant, you'll have 1,500 mana to buy a set of yellows. Just hope for the best: a lot of roses. If it is less than two in the first buy, start over.

If you have one pumpkin (if more; start over): plant the three yellows next to each other. So don't bother waiting for the pumpkin to ripen before you plant a rose there. You can however replace a rose on that spot once it's ready (with a wheel barrow).

Buy a second set of roses and a second bug spray.

In the end, you want to have at least three roses on yellow spots, or four roses. Water them continuously and harvest them in groups. When the ant cloud comes, focus on protecting the roses. Forget about the pinksies (don't waste your water on them).

I managed the first time with three roses on three yellow spots. Good luck!

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