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Reviews for Silent Scream II: The Bride

[Post New]by bfgBaikal on Feb 23, 13 12:48 AM
Hi Fishies!

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Re:Reviews for Silent Scream II: The Bride

[Post New]by bfgBaikal on Feb 23, 13 12:49 AM
Hi Fishies,

I just wanted to add to the OP: This thread has been reserved for reviews only.

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Re:Reviews for Silent Scream II: The Bride

[Post New]by Poutoule on Feb 23, 13 1:22 AM
Played 25 minutes, "Trilling" ....

- 2 modes, thrilling and nightmare

- Notebook

- No map

- You must combine some items of your inventory

- H0 you interact, very clear

- Usual mini games

- Hint refills quickly (thrilling mode), useful outside H0

- Skip button takes a while to fill

- Beautiful graphics

Just married you have a car crash because a strange girl appears on the back seat. You brand new husband has disappeared, you look for him. Feared the worst when I saw the first sugary cut scene but the game does improve as it goes on. Well worth a punch card credit.

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Re:Reviews for Silent Scream II: The Bride

[Post New]by cbtx on Feb 23, 13 2:11 AM
Another sequel that didn't need to be. I wasn't impressed with the first one enough to remember very much about it, and I'm sure this one is about that memorable.

The game looks like they might have made it when they did the first one and held it for a while until the fans of the first one screamed for it. But, alas, the screams must have been silent because it's been a long time between releases. And there is very little that is improved. The graphics are a sort of cloudy looking affair, the HOS feature objects that can be very indistinct, and the puzzles are of the type we have seen many times before.

The story is vaguely interesting even though it has been told many times much better, but there are way too many errors in logic and ridiculous solutions to problems at hand. As a result, the game quickly becomes a chore and the fun factor is gone completely.

And a word of warning----animal lovers might be offended early on.

Sorry, this one is very disappointing, and a definite no buy for me.

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Re:Reviews for Silent Scream II: The Bride

[Post New]by Rebeca_Lily on Feb 23, 13 2:14 AM
Lovely surprise this Friday!

I feel good with this sort of game - it's the traditional HOG, and I mean HOG, not HOPA... Yes, there are adventure moves, but on each screen there is a HOS. Somebody up there likes me...

The resolution is bright and clean, objects are quite big for my eyes, not very easy to find though. The screens are zoomed in. The hint helps out of the HOS (arrows).

The plot is very intriguing, making me curious - lovely.

Thanks developers, thanks BF!

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Very pleasant game, well done.

[Post New]by netnanna on Feb 23, 13 2:28 AM
Payed 1.5 hours in Thriller mode (casual is the usual rating). I found the graphics very clear and it has been very logical so far e.g. Want a knife? look in the dining room, want a bulb? look in the storeroom, etc.
Music is tranquil and non-invasive, voice overs are excellent, HO scenes clear and relatively uncluttered. Hint button fills fast and pushes you in the right direction out of HO scenes. Puzzles, nothing new, and easy so far. Map not needed.
All in all, I'm pleased I purchased it.

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Re:Reviews for Silent Scream II: The Bride

[Post New]by Valdy on Feb 23, 13 3:32 AM
Rebeca_Lily wrote:Lovely surprise this Friday!

And here I was, thinking it was Saturday.

There are 2 gameplay modes: Thrilling, which gives you hints, and sparklies, and help, and Nightmare, which gives you none of the above.

There is a choice of custom and system cursor.

There is voice-over.

There is a so-called widescreen, which is called "Aspect Ratio". When ticked, instead of getting wide black bars on either side, I got half of the width in black and half of the width in a grey tone. So no real widescreen for me.

Your Diary is at the left.

Your Hint button is at the right. It takes about 40 seconds to refill in Thrilling mode.

Puzzles can be skipped. I hang around long enough to find out that the Skip button will take a good 2 minutes to fill in Thrilling mode, and then I left the game. I am not going to hang around waiting for the skip button to take forever to fill.

The HOS (hidden object scenes) are partly interactive, and come along frequently. The same HOS is always used twice.

Some of the objects in the Inventory list can be combined (merged). You know you have one of those objects when it is shown in a grey shade rather than full colour. When you click on it, the "Merge" window automatically opens and adds the object so that you can combine it with another one.

Next to the Inventory tab is the "Objectives" tab.

--- --- ---

Did play the first game and wasn't terribly trilled, I mean thrilled with it. This game is OK. It has good graphics, but I find it plays a little awkwardly. Lots of sparklies in the easier mode, lots of hand-holding too. I always play the easy mode, because I don't want to rack my brain to find out what I need to do next. However, there is too much hand-holding in this game.

Anyway... no buy for me. For those of you who do like it... enjoy.

Edited to change the trilling moments to be thrilling ones.

Edited on 02/23/2013 at 11:04:58 PM PST

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Re:Reviews for Silent Scream II: The Bride

[Post New]by lovely62 on Feb 23, 13 4:08 AM
I will get this game, I find the game very interesting and the graphics was beautiful and i loved the sounds Thx DEV's for all your hard work and time keep up the good work..Thx BF for another awesome fun game..
please give the game a chance someof you fishes that are not sure..

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Loved the First; Like the Second: Recommended Purchase

[Post New]by mycatluna on Feb 23, 13 4:09 AM
This review is based on the completed demo of the game in Nightmare mode.

I did enjoy Silent Scream:The Dancer, the 1st of (so far) this 2 part series.The 1st game ties everything up nicely; therefore, it is not necessary to play the 1st one before playing this as they can function as 2 stand-alone games.

I absolutely LOVED the artistic style of Silent Scream:The Dancer. It was done in a Tim Burton-esque art style. I was slightly disappointed to see that this games artistic style is different. Not in a bad way. The graphics are crisp and clear and up to par with most of the games we see today.For some reason the screenshot examples make it look grainy but that is not at all the case.

The other aspect I liked about the 1st Silent Scream were the unexpected creepy moments.They started out subtle and built up the suspense slowly, picking up speed throughout the game. Psychologically, the 1st game was quite a thriller. With this game,the developers kept the creep factor there,but it's less subtle and more intense.The 'ghost' tends to appear when you least expect it, causing me to jump on a couple of occasions.

Another reviewer cautioned animal lovers about this game from 'early on'. I have to respectfully disagree.The instance in which I believe the reviewer is referring to is not cruel by any means.No animals die on screen or are visibly harmed in any way. I did not feel at all uncomfortable. I felt it would be helpful to expound upon that statement to clarify any fears about visible animal cruelty or death.

From the menu, you are able to customize to your hearts content, including all facets of audio (music,voice,sounds,environment).There are 2 methods of game-play:Thriller and Nightmare. Nightmare offers zero help-no skips. I played the demo in Nightmare mode and enjoyed the challenge.The music is unobtrusive and picks up pace at the right time, adding to the eerie experience.The environment sounds are very realistic and varied which enhances the gaming experience.

My only gripe is that this game is heavy on the HO scenes, more so than the 1st one.You revisit each scene a few times which can get a bit repetitive. It's lite on Adventure but I found playing in Nightmare mode helps with this as you have to explore more to find needed items. For HOPA lovers, I recommend playing on Nightmare mode to create more of an adventure feel. Storyline is intriguing. Overall a good SE that I would recommend, especially with the sale today! 4 of 5


Re:Reviews for Silent Scream II: The Bride

[Post New]by JustTheFacts on Feb 23, 13 4:34 AM

Not Inspiring, But Not Bad Either

Story: As the blurb says, Jessica’s trouble starts on her wedding day, with a car accident caused by an apparition, a husband who disappears, leaving her wounded in an unknown forest to fend for myself. Which she does admirably and eventually ends up at her husband’s family mansion, where things really start getting strange!

Developer: Maximize Games
Release Date: Feb 2013
Extras: None

The demo took me 45 minutes of relaxed and pleasant play, and in that time I did a heap of slightly interactive HOs, so I’m guessing that the emphasis will be on those. The HOs are exceptionally clear, large and bright, which didn’t stop me needing a hint now and then.

As others have mentioned, this doesn’t seem like it will be memorable, but I do believe it will be enjoyable and reasonably interesting. The story for the length of the demo went very slowly though, little actually happened, so it may not be edge-of-your-seat stuff. It will go on my “punchcard filler” list, which means I’ll buy it eventually.

For the record, the original Silent Scream was absolutely nothing like this and absolutely awful to play.

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Re:Reviews for Silent Scream II: The Bride

[Post New]by cbtx on Feb 23, 13 4:56 AM
To expand a bit on what I earlier said in my review:

mycatluna said:

"Another reviewer cautioned animal lovers about this game from 'early on'. I have to respectfully disagree.The instance in which I believe the reviewer is referring to is not cruel by any means.No animals die on screen or are visibly harmed in any way. I did not feel at all uncomfortable. I felt it would be helpful to expound upon that statement to clarify any fears about visible animal cruelty or death."

First, "early on" meant a scene occurring early in the game.

So, SPOILER ALERT----read at your own choice----

The scene I was referring to involved the feeding of a cutely drawn mouse/rat that was fed to a vicious looking weasel. And although nothing is shown, it is quite clear the smaller animal becomes food for the larger. I personally had a problem with it----it made me a bit uncomfortable, surprised me, and I felt the issue could have been resolved another way, and I know some here in the pond are sensitive to any sort of that type of treatment to any animal, visible or implied and do not appreciate that type of image (visible or implied). So I tried to include a warning to help those people. And I'm a big animal lover myself. I should have known someone would take issue with it. Excuse me for trying to be helpful. (And then some people wonder why some reviewers grow weary with having their reviews reviewed, called out, and commented on. *sigh*)
In a word, the scene is simply unnecesary.

Edited on 02/23/2013 at 5:13:47 AM PST

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Re:Reviews for Silent Scream II: The Bride

[Post New]by ladygem6 on Feb 23, 13 8:22 AM
All in all, I thought this game was good, and I bought it. While downloading the trial, I read the reviews for it and although there was some dispute about the mouse, I think it went by pretty quick and you really don't know what happened. I am an animal lover and while this wasn't exactly good, I have seen similar such acts in other games. Similar, now, so don't go throwing stones.

The graphics and music and HO's scenes are really good, in my opinion, and another car accident beginning game is fine because it is different from others and how different can you make a game today? I have a bunch of pcc's and used one on this game. It may not be long but I'll get my money's worth.

Hope your saturday's great!


Re:Reviews for Silent Scream II: The Bride

[Post New]by Old_Man_River on Feb 23, 13 9:06 AM
Thank you CBTX. I too have an aversion to animal cruelty, even though some people will say "Lighten up it's only a game." f someone wrote a game about your family and fed your children to an alien would you still say the same thing? I revere life and I don't even like to put a butterfly in a spiders web to get a spider in a H-o scene.
Just thought I'd express my opinion. Not trying to force my values on anyone else

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Re:Reviews for Silent Scream II: The Bride

[Post New]by Eoarod on Feb 23, 13 9:29 AM
This does seem to be a fairly nice game. Interesting storyline, runs well. I'm trying to get past dissapointment that as a "sequal" it's nothing like Tiny Dancer. It's a little hard to be objective with that in my head Had a real love/hate with the first one, but it left an impression! It was incredibly uinique!! This (so far) seems "nice" but nothing that will stand out down the road.

If you haven't played the first in the series - don't lol - take this one at face value and likely you'll enjoy it! It does have an "older" feel to it, but some days you want a fairly basic game.

What I will say about the first is, it was the story that drove it! This may stay true with this game. It does start out with the requisite car crash *sigh*, but it may take some unique turns! We'll have to wait for some folks to get past the demo and let us know

I'm going to leave it in the GM and come back when I can look at it with "fresh" eyes and not compare to TD

As for general comments, the graphics are quite pretty - they have a "soft" look to them. Runs well, with my resolution I can't get wide screen though a third difficulty option would be nice, I'll get through on Nightmare, but that middle ground difficulty is always a pleasant option. Nice VOs, nice music and good atmosphere so far as well! Also will second that it's not a sequal which requires knowledge of the prequel!

Truly a "try for yourself" game!

Happy Gaming!

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Re:Reviews for Silent Scream II: The Bride

[Post New]by steve_san on Feb 23, 13 10:20 AM
This review is based on the full trial period. Also, I did not purchase the first Silent Scream game.

1. Plays in full widescreen.
2. Well drawn, atmospheric scenes, just enough creepiness.
3. Voiceovers (so far) are well done, add depth to characters.
4. Music and sounds are cool, add to the creepiness without being annoying.
5. Hidden objects are clear, objects are large
6. Story is interesting, if not original, and moves along well.

1. When starting a fire, do not start one as it’s done in the game. Injury may result.
2. Some of the “hidden objects” are nearly off the screen completely.
3. Lacks originality. Starts with car going off road, crashing, someone missing etc.

Overall, I liked the game, perhaps a purchase or definitely if you have a credit.

Four stars out of five. Enjoy!

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Okay Way to Spend Some Time

[Post New]by mrssharon on Feb 23, 13 10:26 AM
If you're looking for an in-depth and knock-your-socks-off game, this isn't it. However, if you just want to escape the daily grind for a while, this is quite an acceptable game. I played 45 minutes before reaching the end of the demo.

I found the graphics to be somewhat fuzzy and some of the items in the HOS to be quite small, while other items were well-placed to make you really hunt for them, so some good, some bad here.

The music was softly eerie and appropriate to the storyline, I felt.

The initial cut scene before the wreak was pretty dull and neither character seemed overwhelmed with love and eager for the honeymoon. Not a good sign...

The game played easily with no obvious glitches and filled my widescreen monitor nicely. Game play was fairly linear and there was not too much back and forth.

I didn't like that there were only 2 modes of game play, so I played the Thrilling mode which was anything but. The notebook was not necessary as the objectives were right there with the inventory. Though I didn't time it, the skip button seemed to fill rather slowly.

I could tell the storyline was going to be quite mysterious and was interested to learn the outcome, but not enough to spend money on it.

I will recommend this because it will be a nice game for beginners and for those who don't want to strain their brains overly much on a low-key weekend. Experienced players may not feel challenged enough, but sampling the demo is the best way to find out.

Referring to the post by steve_san, I agree about starting the fire with gas; big no-no. I believe this is the second game in just a few day I've seen this.

Edited on 02/23/2013 at 10:30:18 AM PST

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Re:Reviews for Silent Scream II: The Bride

[Post New]by dancemom1 on Feb 23, 13 10:41 AM
Well, I don't remember the first game and since I don't have it in my "collection," I must not have cared for it. This game isn't bad, not exceptional, but not bad. Graphics were a bit fuzzy and very choppy, cartoon like movements. Game play was nice, but could have moved a little faster. Music was very annoying very quickly (this is why I turn down the music in the beginning, so I only hear it as a light background sound).

Voice overs nice, but very few and far between. Hint button not bad and fills fairly quickly. HOGs very simple and a bit messy, but easy to find items (who puts dog food and seashells in their bathroom cabinet?). Games typical, but skip button is extremely slow to fill (can't stand the "move this from this side to that side" game). There is a lot of unnecessary running back and forth for one item.

Saw what others were talking about with the rat, but you don't know that it was killed. I choose to think he got away...even though I hate rats!

This game is not challenging at all for a seasoned gamer, but would be nice for a beginner, or someone who just wants a "ho-hum" game for a change, which I do occasionally. For what it is, this is not a bad game and since I have a pile of credits to get rid of, I will use one for this game.

As always, try it for yourself and see what you think. We all have different tastes in games and you may find it completely to your liking. Thanks for the reviews.


Re:Reviews for Silent Scream II: The Bride

[Post New]by biscuitsmama on Feb 23, 13 10:45 AM
Silent Scream II – The Bride is a very nice surprise. I read some of the early reviews in the forum and I have to disagree with many of the negative reviews. I decided to download the game and try the demo and after about 40 minutes decided that I will buy the game.

Although it is not a spectacular game it is very enjoyable and a good HOPA game. I found myself being pulled into the story. Yes, it is mostly a HO game but I love the genre. In 40 minutes I encountered 1 puzzle and hope to find more. The HOS are slightly interactive and very nicely done. I found most of the hidden objects of respectable size and not too much trouble to find, although I did have to use the hint button a couple of times.

The game has voice-overs in the beginning but am not sure about later in the game. The graphics are excellent and crisp on my laptop. The game automatically opened to fit my widescreen so no adjustments were necessary. The game is a bit spooky and I like the music.

All in all, a very nice SE game that I think you should at least demo before making a decision. As for me, it is very entertaining and I can’t wait to find out more.

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Re:Reviews for Silent Scream II: The Bride

[Post New]by jdelbove on Feb 23, 13 12:20 PM
I bought this game because I kinda liked the demo but now I am almost sorry that I did. The skips are soooooooooooo slow and I have been trying to play the stupid piano for almost 35 minutes and am about to scream! I got 9 numbers right but can't get anymore. Also, sadly, there is no walkthrough for this game either. Had I known that before I would not have bought it. Hope you all have better luck than me.....I am just stuck now and can't seem to get past the piano. If anyone can help, I'd love it.

Happy Gaming!!


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Re:Reviews for Silent Scream II: The Bride

[Post New]by minesita on Feb 23, 13 12:35 PM
I don't like the game because is to heavy on HOS. I should like to continue playing, I like the story, and I think is a enjoyable game for people who love mainly HO.
Of course is my humble opinion based on the demo.
For the fishies who like it, enjoy !

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