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Front of the castle

[Post New]by j62janet on Feb 23, 13 12:19 PM
It says in the walkthrough, that when you have lit the lamp you see the girl, then you get the wheel, and the doll, I've clicked on the area where both are pictured to be, but there's nothing, I've given the quill to the Gargoyle, am I doing something wrong?
Thank you in advance to whoever helps me, j62janet

1 3 2013

Still no reply, pity I can't move on without one, so please someone reply, with hopefully some info on what I have to do, j62janet

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Re:Front of the castle

[Post New]by sabbel on Aug 20, 13 2:31 PM
how funny; I don't have a quill. I found a tablet which the gargoyle obviously doesn't need. My gargoyle looks different than the one in the walkthrough.
Can't move on either


Re:Front of the castle

[Post New]by jstubbs358 on Aug 20, 13 5:36 PM
Be patient the quill is found after you chop the logs to make the raft. go back and follow the scene. Go to the HOG tto find 15 feathers

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Re:Front of the castle

[Post New]by buckeyelibra on May 2, 14 6:04 AM
thanks for the info about the quill. I spent a whole day looking for it and trying to put the tablet by the gargoyle! thought I had done all the HO scenes. now to go on!

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