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Level 27 help, please!

[Post New]by Slavicdiva on Feb 23, 13 11:27 PM
How in the world do you make all of the stuff for Level 27? 50 pies, 40 yogurt, a dragon that offs about 7 of your donkeys??? An orc that just has to have cocoa powder when nothing else on the level requires cocoa powder?

I have been fighting with this level for awhile now, but I think it's now time for sleep. Any & all help is greatly appreciated!

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Re:Level 27 help, please!

[Post New]by moesart on Feb 24, 13 6:09 AM
It's not easy but this is what I did and it worked. Cleaned up the rocks. Always collected cocoa beans to sell. Built windmill, built a bakery, and updated them. Gave the ork cakes. Built a confectionary. Made enough money to pay the $1500. Built a sawmill and when I could, I updated all the buildings. Built a confectionary, updated it. Gave the cocoa powder (10) to the ork. Tickled the dragon. Always keep your eye on juice, and fruit. You constantly have to be selling pies and yogurt and using the power-ups. Make sure you have 9 workers and donkeys. I still had a little yellow on the timer. Hope this helps.

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Re:Level 27 help, please!

[Post New]by Slavicdiva on Feb 24, 13 7:12 AM
Thanks moesart - I got it!

The thing I did differently was to demolish the cocoa buildings once I'd fed the orc, and bult a juicer & yogurt factory in their place - so I only had to buy fruit, not both fruit and juice. I had the yogurt factory where the cocoa farm was - the workers didn't have as far to go.



Re:Level 27 help, please!

[Post New]by DonaldSparrow on Feb 24, 13 11:24 AM
very helpful!

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Re:Level 27 help, please!

[Post New]by zbox12 on Mar 21, 13 8:14 PM
Thank you, Made it finally. I also demolished the coco buildings.

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Re:Level 27 help, please!

[Post New]by lpnbarnes on Apr 18, 13 10:35 AM
Well, I've been stuck on 27 for weeks! Tried your tips and I did get closer, but canNOT seem to complete in daytime! Any thoughts?

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Re:Level 27 help, please!

[Post New]by mitupogo on Aug 30, 14 6:04 PM
I also tried the suggestions above and couldn't get it. Casual Games has a walkthrough. I followed their level 27. Made it by the skin of my teeth!

Biggest key was to build the windmill and bakery. Pay ogre. Then the sawmill and upgrade all those prior to paying off the gremiln and getting to the cocoa plant.

Built confectionary and upgrade, built fruit garden so I didn't have to buy fruit, Then when you have your 10 cocoas, build and upgrade 2 yogurt factories. *Got rid of cocoa beans, then cocoa plant to do that*

Good luck!!


Re:Level 27 help, please!

[Post New]by Littlestfish on Jan 13, 15 8:16 AM
I've just completed this level first time through in Gold

Collect cocoa bean and wheat
Clear stones.
Build windmill
Build bakery
Updgrade wheat, windmill and bakery
Sell cocoa beans to pay 1500 to little green thing
Buy more workers and donkeys to 5
Build confectionery
Build juicer
Give 5 pies to ogre
Sell as few pies as possible to
Build sawmill
Buy wood to upgrade confectionery
Buy fruit (lots as it can run out)
Sell pies
Feed 10 cocoa to other ogre
Tickle dragon and buy donkeys to replace them while
Demolish juicer and build yoghurt factory upgrade
Sell pies and cocoa
Demolish sawmill and build another yoghurt factory (no need to upgrade)
Buy juice and fruit
Sell pies, yoghurt and cocoa
Pay off ork 100,000
Take relic
I knocked down the wheat and windmill as I thought I may need to upgrade 2nd yoghurt but did not need to.

Good Luck

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