Not that thrilled about the game

[Post New]by forbuschrisjohn on Feb 25, 13 6:54 AM
After playing the game all the way through I am not that thrilled about it. I figured out that to get expert you have to have a certain number of customers but here is where the problem is, even after you get ALL the upgrades including making Polly fast you still can not get expert because when you serve what ends up being your last customer even if before you give him/her their pet anytime left on the clock automatically disappears and the closed sign shows up. Also unlike other time management games where when you get done with one customer no matter where in line they are and pick up there money a new one will take their place this one the very last customer and the money all the way to the first customer slot has to be cleared of money. You can clear just the last customer slot but then that is the only one you will get a customer. And you cant start clearing the money at the last spot and work your way up other wise again ONLY the last spot will get a customer. You have to start at slot 1 work down. This game has some obvious bug issues that need to be addressed and a repair patch created for it.

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Re:Not that thrilled about the game

[Post New]by bfgBaikal on Feb 26, 13 4:59 AM
Hi forbuschrisjohn,

Welcome to the Pond!

Thanks for taking the time to leave that feedback - we always want to hear what you have to say about our games.

However, since we already have a thread in this Forum dedicated to game reviews, I'll be locking this thread to keep things tidy.

Please feel free to repost you opinions in the review thread here so other Fishes can benefit from your thoughts on the game and also by doing this, we can be sure that we include your points in the feedback we relay to the developer.

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