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Curd Lane 1

[Post New]by NZBloke on Feb 22, 09 9:08 PM
Any ideas on how to gold on this one. I stayed on it for a long time, but moved on to do 5 or 6 more levels. I got silver, but that silver medal on the menu is annoying me!!!

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Re:Curd Lane 1

[Post New]by krithor on Feb 23, 09 2:32 AM
Sell one chicken, this will make money for the well. Then 2 bears. Send the plane for 10 flours, make dough. Sell goat milk and bears og dough... Eventually you will be able to buy upgrades. I don´t remember if you need more flour, perhaps 5 more? At the ending you need to sell the goat as well. Also remember to buy at green bottle for the cheese. Hope this is usefull, I´ve only replayed it once, so maybe you will have to make some small adjustments... Good luck!

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