Feeling stupid here....

[Post New]by cavegoddess on Feb 22, 09 9:27 PM
Hello everyone. I just got this game and am already stuck very early on. I feel so dumb because I seem to be at a standstill I completed a handful of levels on the map and it looks like at every juncture there is a stop sign of some sort in front of me on the map. I cannot figure out how to go further...One shows as Chicken Lane 2 and one says Chicken Lane 5, each with stop signs...Down Flour Street 3 it ends at the corner (no stop sign) and won't let me go further..Is this a glitch in my game or am I just overlooking something very obvious....?....Anyone know what I'm talking about?...LOL...

Any help would be greatly appreciated...Ty!

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Re:Feeling stupid here....

[Post New]by NZBloke on Feb 22, 09 9:43 PM
You're one of those people that cause many others to learn! Good on you. I wonder how many others have wanted to ask but too nervous. This is how we all learn. Thank you.
You will find dead ends. You can't go past these.
There is always a way through though.
The grey circles with the cross in the middle... just click on them and an arrow will show you an upgrade you need to buy to go for that new level.


Re:Feeling stupid here....

[Post New]by cavegoddess on Feb 23, 09 6:34 AM
Thank you!!

I"m still getting used to this game..I don't fully understand if gold carries forward, etc. I will go try again and watch for upgrades I need.

As long as I'm here, I was wondering if this was related......Does that mean when I enter the shop and a red arrow points to an upgrade, is that something I need to buy first or have to continue?....

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Re:Feeling stupid here....

[Post New]by Missy10479 on Feb 23, 09 7:10 AM
Yes, the red arrow is pointing to the machine upgrade you need to buy before you can move on. If you don't have enough stars to buy the upgrade, go back and replay some of the levels you've already passed. You will earn extra stars this way.

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