Error Message when completing mission

[Post New]by jjo54321 on Feb 28, 13 9:01 AM
I have completed all tasks with Northern Tale and completed the mission to go after Mt Wong but on return from that mission I get an error message "error invalid character when trying to return" and the task is unsolved - "speak to Simon about going after Mr Wong"
I cant speak to Simon as no indicator over his head because I have done the mission. I don't want to start again - I have a saved game before mission but have doen the mission several times same error message

I re downloaded this recently as enjoyed playing it when it first came out - dont remember having that problem

I guess I can move on to Westward 2....

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Re:Error Message when completing mission - Can

[Post New]by Paradell on May 16, 13 1:04 PM
I am having the EXACT same problem! The task is to speak to Simon, yet no thought bubble ever appears....I also got a weird error message right after I selected the mayor and when the game brought me back to town it said something about a character error....

I can't progress with the game now.


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Re:Error Message when completing mission

[Post New]by KRSPDS on May 20, 13 5:24 AM
Unfortunately it sounds like both of you have a glitch. I know that jjo54321 stated that he/she has restarted from a save point just before the problem, but did you create this save point after you first encountered the problem, if so then the problem is unresolved by restarting from this point. If you have an earlier save point (e.g. from the quest before this one) then you could try restarting from there, just ensure that this save point was created before the problem occured. If this does not help you may need to uninstall and reinstall the game - the good news is your progress will still be saved (just start from just before the problem quest).

Sorry I could not be of more help.

Good Luck.

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