Level 13 - Spoiler Amusement Park

[Post New]by naivelysweet on Mar 2, 13 8:22 AM
Way to beat this level.
1) You will need to click on lightening bolt whenever it comes up
2) You will need to put fountain and tree at every building you own (if you buy house and don't demolish - put tree if fountain already exists)
3) for each bungalow you buy demolish and build 2 story house
4) keep upgrading all houses owned to 3 stars
5) as soon as star appears for amusement park or store - click to start sale
demolish farthest fountain at lower left
Build mansion (make sure you click on lightening bolt)
while construction is occurring put fountain and tree
Upgrade to three stars & sell for 130k
Anytime bungalow comes up for sale. . . buy, demolish, build 2 story and upgrade to
3 stars
4) once first mansion sells build amusement park in middle block top of screen
(right of bungalows, left of empty field)
5) while amusement park is being constructed build mansion directly in front (middle of screen.
6) build store in front of unbought two stories (very lowest of screen)
7) If 2 story comes up for sale and you can afford - buy add tree
8) build mansion to left of 2nd built mansion - during construction - put park next
next to it as well as fountain and tree -
9) put park at far right of middle of screen
10) build and upgrade to three stars mansion at far right of top of screen - add
fountain and tree

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