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Perhaps it’s time to pit magic against magic. “I want to try to contact my father’s spirit, but I need help. Black magic cut off my father’s conduit to our world after death, and I can’t contact him.” Before finishing her testimony, Arabella admits to experiencing evil dreams. “Honorable Court, I have been withholding some information: my father appeared in my nightmare last night. This is why I wish to contact him again. My dreams are guiding me. My father begged me to be careful because I’m next on the killer’s list!”

Arabella has begun to look for suspects, but can’t do it alone. “I managed to check only Henry the Archeologist’s alibi. He was visiting Drake at the time of the crime and is thus innocent.”

Gabrielle is proud of Arabella, “My girl doesn’t give up! We’ll find out the truth. You’ve got to be unbelievably strong to tear out a heart. This narrows the pool of suspects.” It’s time for Jeronimo to testify in Court.


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Jeronimo (in the Temple of Justice) facing justice, makes his plea. “Honorable Court, I swear I’m innocent. Please let me explain.” Jeronimo takes a moment to compose his thoughts, then continues. “As my tavern customers can attest, I was serving them and not anywhere near the Chamberlain when he was killed. Lord Chamberlain did a lot of bad things, but I’m not the type to hold a grudge. I’m ready to help the investigators.” Jeronimo insists he also wants to find the murderer and offers as further evidence his evening with the victim. “The Chamberlain sat in my tavern all yesterday evening and we talked. The poor guy was desperate, trying to drown his sorrow in strong drinks.” Continuing on with his story, “Lord Chamberlain told me with a heavy heart that he was being blackmailed. I learned that a powerful mage was trying to make the Chamberlain kill Drake!”


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It seems now Lord Chamberlain is seen in the light of a hero. “Looks like our old friend didn’t yield to blackmail and lost his life because of it. I wonder…could I do the same? That’s all I know. If I were you, I’d take care of Drake. Who knows what’ll happen?”

Gabrielle says that testimony was very helpful and now, Drake may be in danger. “There’s someone with almost limitless power who can help us investigate. This crime would never escape the Genie’s notice


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The Genie (in the Temple of Justice) seems to be entertained by the absurd suspicion surrounding him. “I’m amused by your attempt to accuse an Elder of the World of Magic of such a crime.” But despite any misgivings, he agrees to help you solve the crime. To make himself less of a suspect, the Genie offers, “Of course I didn’t tear out the Chamberlain’s heart! What proof do you need? Nothing in the world happens without us Elders knowing about it. May I offer you a clue as to who should be charged with the crime?”

Happy to help with the investigation, the Genie continues, “A known criminal has recently escaped from magic prison. The blame lies with him.” Unfortunately, this may just be the beginning. The Genie believes your interference with the Wise Dragon and Adora will have dreadful consequences. “Your world was under the reliable protection of the eternal and wise dragon. But you all wanted to give him human happiness so much. Everything has pros and cons. So the dragon became human. You’ve achieved your goal.”


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Was it murder by proxy? “When the dragon was made human, he became vulnerable and the Ghostly Messenger wouldn’t miss a chance to challenge Midnight Castle’s defender at his weakest. Only the power of Adora’s love prevents the Messenger from killing Drake himself. That’s why he decided to use the Chamberlain as a weapon.”

The Genie concludes, “The poor Chamberlain faced the choice to kill the former dragon or die himself. The Chamberlain made a choice of honor. And he paid for it with his life.”

Gabrielle isn’t totally satisfied with the Elder’s explanation. “The elders are certainly keeping their distance. Why didn’t the Genie save Richard?” But the Genie did reveal the murderer, the escapee from magic prison, is the Ghostly Messenger. Gabrielle is adamant, "The criminal must pay for what he did. Go to the Temple of Justice – he found us himself! Be very careful.”

***The Ghostly Messenger, in human form, appears in the Temple of Justice ready to talk to you after the next update.

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Suddenly a man, purported to be the Ghostly Messenger, appears in the witness box in the Temple of Justice and begins his testimony, “Hello, honored Ladies and Gentlemen. I’ve decided to meet you face to face – the game has gone on too long. I was amused, but understand – no prisons are able to hold me.” Mocking the notion that friendship and love could defeat him, the man issues an ultimatum…”I need Drake, dead or alive. If you refuse, the others will meet the same fate as the Chamberlain.”


The Ghostly Messenger vows to turn Midnight Castle into the home he never had and stirs a memory of someone you met long ago. “Do you remember our last meeting, when you spoke with young Lydia? Her story was partly mine.” Satisfied with himself for playing that role so well, he continues…”I grew up in an orphanage and never knew the parents who left me behind. There they called me Adrian.

As Adrian relates details of his past, it becomes very clear hatred and malice have taken over his whole being and the desire to get even with the whole world makes him invincible. “You don’t want me as an enemy.” His fixation on the Wise Dragon is very unnerving, “Make no mistake – when Drake dies, the castle will be mine, and the Mystery Chamber will fulfill my wishes alone.”

Adrian continues, “You must decide now! Will you hand Drake over to me? My patience is running out. You don’t want to regret your choice.”


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Gabrielle, back in Throne Hall, is thunderstruck by the sudden memory…”Adrian? Is that you?”

Professor Pinfeathers, worried about what will happen now, says everyone is relying on you. “The Ghostly Messenger’s threats make my feathers curl. I can feel doom in the air – and something’s happening to the castle!”

Gabrielle is still stunned by a ghost from the past. “I can’t believe how much the Ghostly Messenger reminds me of someone I’ve almost forgotten. My son, Adrian, would look like that if he lived to that age.” It’s hard for her to remember everything, but Gabrielle wants to share a secret from her past. “When Arabella was 3, the Chamberlain…Richard and I learned that she would have a brother. My pregnancy was difficult. The midwives were certain that my child and I would both die.”

You can only imagine how difficult that time was for Gabrielle as she continues her story, “Unfortunately, shortly before the birth, Richard was called away on urgent business. I was left alone at the most crucial moment. The night before the birth, wolves were howling at the castle walls. A blood-red moon rose in the sky. Most of that night is still a fog, because of the sorrow I lived through. The only thing I remember afterward is the Keeper of the Castle telling me my son had died.”


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The Keeper of the Castle never trusted the Ghostly Messenger and now it appears the Messenger’s corruption has started destroying the castle. The Keeper regrets his own past actions and begs for a second chance to make it up to everyone. “I was close with Gabrielle and the Chamberlain. An ambitious vampire and an innocent girl always made a strange couple. All of the castle residents’ lives, including yours, are closely tied to mine.”

The Keeper ruefully talks about how an ability to see the future doesn’t help if there’s no good way to change it. “I told Gabrielle that her son had died, but only because I was trying to save our common future! I looked into little Adrian’s future and all I saw was death!” Continuing on…”I saw that the boy would become a powerful dark mage who can read minds. He will kill the Wise Dragon and destroy the castle.”


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At that moment in history, the Keeper teetered on the verge of an irrevocable action. “I should have dealt with him back then. The greater good is more important than one life, isn’t it? But I couldn’t. Instead, I lied to the poor mother and sent the sleeping baby to the farthest orphanage.” The Keeper of the Castle, overcome with guilt, wonders if you blame him. “How could I make such a mistake? What do we do now that the Chamberlain is dead? I had no way of knowing that my actions would create that sad future…”

The Keeper knows the menace must be faced head on. “It’s already begun. My advice to everyone is to not give up the Dragon. If you do, the castle will fall! Tell Gabrielle I’m very sorry. I wish I could fix everything.”

Gabrielle can’t believe the Keeper of the Castle has been lying to her all these years and her son is alive. “The pain of losing Richard and my anger with the Keeper are breaking my heart. I need your help more than ever. I don’t know if I can ever forgive the Keeper of the Castle for what he did.”


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Gabrielle can feel passions rising and fears everyone will die unless they act without emotion. “I never thought I’d have to say this, but I found a way to stop my son’s atrocities.” She hands you the Mask of Silence which was created by powerful sorcerers to not only hide one’s face, but paralyze the magical powers of any creature wearing it.

Professor Pinfeathers is sure the current imminent danger is by design, “The Messenger’s magic only seems to affect the inhabited parts of the castle. What about our friends in nearby lands?”

Drake and Adora are okay, but they’ve had their first fight. Drake is insisting on surrendering to the Ghostly Messenger so that nobody else gets hurt, but Adora wants him to think of everything they’ve had to overcome so they could be together. “This is insane! We cannot be apart again. Not again!” And, anyway, would Drake’s sacrifice actually save the world? They decide to help restore the Mask of Silence so Adrian can’t harm anyone else. “We’ve been thinking about our common oppressor and we think that his malice comes from his childhood. Perhaps he didn’t get enough love. Together, we’ve learned that love can make wonders and cure even wounded souls.” Drake and Adora are determined to get through this together and are certain “once we stop the Ghostly Messenger, we can reach out to him and try to heal his wounded soul.”


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Arabella marvels at the drama her life has become. “My father was killed by…my long-lost brother?” After everything he’s done, Arabella is having a hard time accepting the Messenger as her brother. Fearing for her own life, Arabella knows her only chance is to resurrect her father. Unable to sleep, Arabella finally found something that might help…the Rules of Exchange. “The rules of higher magic allow a soul to return from the dead, but only in exchange for someone else’s life.” Here’s the wrinkle…”Where can we find someone willing to sacrifice their life for my father? He wasn’t exactly popular when he was alive.” Unable to think of a single soul willing to exchange places with the Chamberlain, Arabella hopes Hansel can help.

Hansel is alarmed by glowing embers and ash everywhere, “Our world is being destroyed by the Ghostly Messenger’s dark magic!” Hansel, like the Keeper of the Castle, is filled with guilt. “I failed. I couldn’t prevent the villain’s escape from his cell.” But he insists he will never give up and, as a matter of fact, he and Gretel are working on new traps to catch the Ghostly Messenger. Despite their best efforts, the Messenger has been able to avoid their traps. “How can the darkness be so powerful? Does good only win in fairy tales?”


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Hansel knows Arabella hasn’t been sleeping well; she was pouring through magic writings all night while he invented another trap. How ironic…”Arabella is trying to find a way to revive her father, and her brother is working hard on destroying the world. Nice.”

More out of guilt than anything else, Hansel wonders “Do you think my life is worthy enough to bring Arabella’s father back from the dead? I’m not afraid to die, but I’m worried that my death will hurt my sister, Gretel, and Arabella.” Just then, an idea starts to take shape. “What if we appeal to a creature who possesses more than one life? The legend says that cats have nine lives. Why don’t we ask the Storyteller Cat for a favor?”


Arabella is amazed at Hansel’s brilliant idea, “Of course! Why didn’t I think about cats in the first place? For the first time, I have hope that I can get my father back.”


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The Storyteller Cat is glad to see you again and confirms that “even the eastern lands are suffering from the Messenger’s sorcery.” The ground is literally crumbling under his feet as he muses how the fairy tales he writes turn into tragedies. Now in his fifth life, the Storyteller Cat has no complaints and says “I’ve seen plenty of joy and sorrow in my lifetimes.” The Cat offers to help anyway he can, but asking such a complex question proves difficult. Finally, you get the story out and wait with bated breath for his response. “You want me to share one of my lives to resurrect the Chamberlain? I’ve sent gifts to friends before. But to give my actual life?” Contemplating your request, the Storyteller Cat continues, “To give you an answer, I must weigh the risks and possible unplanned endings of all my remaining lives.”

Finally, the Cat decides, “Given what’s happening, my current life may end earlier than expected. And I’m a little scared. I’m ready to give one of my lives to save the Chamberlain. But, I have a request. Before we resurrect the Chamberlain, we should defeat the Messenger.” Glad to join the common cause, the Storyteller Cat plans “to write an epic story for the Hero Cat, who gave his own life to save another man.”


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Arabella is ecstatic…”You and the Storyteller Cat are heroes. Now we just need to neutralize my brother, and we can start resurrecting my father.”

Professor Pinfeathers is concerned that everything is falling apart and looks to a brave, agile knight to help out.

The Iron Knight heralds you as a dear friend and admits “the Dark Tower was not as good a hideout as I thought.” While hoping the walls won’t fall, the Knight is adamant...“If the Messenger thinks that these trials can shake our spirit, he is sorely mistaken.” While the Knight understands what you are planning, he can’t help but worry about Anabel and the “coming apocalypse.”

He agrees to help with the Mask of Silence, noting it is actually a very old artifact. “The Great Mages used it to neutralize enemies. Its previous owner was so afraid that the Mask would be used against him that he shattered it and scattered the pieces all over the world.” It took three days and nights with no sleep, but the Knight finally managed to find a piece of the Mask. “Please, use the Mask for the greater good. Save everyone we love!”


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Just when everything was looking good, Professor Pinfeathers chimes in with some bad news. “Adrian has the last part of the Mask.”

Adrian (aka the Ghostly Messenger), still standing in the Temple of Justice, is getting tired of waiting. “It’s this simple: I want the Wise Dragon.” His intentions remain the same; ruin the lands one by one and destroy the castle, but one question bothers him. “Why wouldn’t you just give up and give the Dragon to me?”

You decide to share Gabrielle's secret with Adrian. A look of confusion shadows his face..."Mother? I’ve never known love or friendship. This Gabrielle woman is saying she’s my mother? Mother…where has she been all my life?”

Suddenly, the confusion is replaced by a darkness and Adrian extols the virtues of unlimited power only solitude can bring. “I want the castle for my own. Dark absolute power in itself only ends in fear and flattery. Are you afraid of me?” Before you can answer, Adrian continues “You’re the only one I can talk to and you’re never around. I need more allies. Not friends, no. I’ve never had them. Ask Anabel if she’s afraid of meeting me.”


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Anabel is happy to see you but she hasn’t “felt joy since the Messenger’s reappearance in this world.” The anguish she's suffering is terrible, "My world is on the verge of destruction and it’s breaking my heart. I know we’re doing the right thing by not giving up Drake. But I can’t let the world of my childhood disappear, either!”

Surprised at the Ghostly Messenger’s invitation, Anabel responds “My friend, please tell Adrian that I would be happy to visit him.” After the crucial meeting was over, Anabel returns alive and assures you everything is all right. “We met on neutral territory. What amazed me was that I didn’t see a villain, just a child with a soul warped by hatred.” Anabel confirmed Adrian has the final piece of the Mask of Silence, but “he has no idea which mask we’re assembling! We have to keep this a secret.”

Admitting to telling a lie, even for noble reasons, makes Anabel wonder if she’s a traitor. ”I’ve assured Adrian that I’m on his side, and that we’re ready to give him Drake.” Somehow Anabel gained “the villain’s trust” and “telling a noble lie to the Messenger saves us from a much bigger problem. He will give us the exact thing that will defeat him!”

**** Come back with the next update to see if Anabel will be able to save Midnight Castle! ****


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Just as Annellegram posted about her invaluable New Strategy Guide, I too must bid goodbye to the Storyline.

I really enjoyed keeping track of the storyline and posting it here, complete with dialog straight from the game.

Many players, including myself, excitedly played the game and missed so much of the dialog. I decided to go back and play again, and with the help of very dear friends for the crafted items, was able to record the entire story.

Old and new players found this useful when trying to remember when Anabel became a vampire, or who her father was, or becoming engaged to the Knight, or the Knight being a member of the werewolf clan, or why Jeronimo murdered gnomes in Cloud City, or how Jeronimo became a ghost, or how King Ragnus Sagesmith could execute a ghost, or how Jeronimo ultimately redeemed himself.

I'm so sad this is ending. I loved every minute of it.

This really breaks my heart.

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I've referred back to this many times while zooming through to advance and missed something.
All the dedication put into this is amazing and very much appreciated!

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I just want to say a BIG thank you for all your hard work and effort you have put into this thread.....I rushed through levelling up....and have found your thread a true treasure of information.... Thank you whitebutterfly54..... I really hope that one day BFG has a change of heart and reverse their decision....

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Thank you all, who were not my personal friends,

I owe a debt of gratitude that might not ever be achieved.

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