Royal Defense: Level 14

[Post New]by scadlegal on Mar 3, 13 1:16 PM
I've tried almost everything I can think of to get going on this level (e.g., stacking spells, using guns and then selling them, etc.). Maybe I've just got brain freeze . Any suggestions on how to kill the big, ugly, ice monster?

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Re:Royal Defense: Level 14

[Post New]by festclick on Mar 5, 13 8:25 AM
Use all your spells except frost nova on the first troll, heroism last when you've got all 3 or 4, as you can afford, dart towers in the top two horizontal sections firing. If you haven't the upgrades to stop the first troll, replay level 11 and concentrate on dart and spell upgrades except nova, but this should work. For second wave and troll, build 3 cannon on the left vertically. For the third wave, build two artillery where they look out onto two paths to hit enemies twice. When the first of the 2 trolls dies, get a third artillery looking on two paths. For the fourth wave, upgrade two of the cannon. Then upgrade your artillery as the 3 trolls die. Upgrade another cannon and build another. Upgrade what you can and let the last wave die. I didn't need spells but have a lot of upgrades, so you can use spells on the last wave if needed.

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