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Expert Time, aka Speedy Blue Ribbon, on Campaign Level 9

[Post New]by GeorgeTSLC on Mar 5, 13 3:39 PM
I misunderstood a thread for quickplay level 14, where somebody asked how to get quick play on level 9. I thought they meant expert (quick) time on Level 9 of the main campaign.

But now that I've written it up, I've just fixed the heading. Maybe nobody wants it, but it makes no sense to throw it away, either

1. Build a Sawmill in the first (far-west) space of the top (northern) row.

2. Harvest the next two spaces in that row for $25K.
3. Buy 2.5K more materials for $75K.

4. Build a Real Estate Office in a northwestern lot. (You'll need it later for a surprise requirement, so it's doubly worth it.)

5. In the southern row, build a Chalet on your vacant lot while harvesting your remaining lumber lot.

6. Immediately appraise the unimproved Chalet and put it up for sale.

7. Buy 5K of materials at first (maximum discount) and--w/ lesser efficiency--more later as required. Buy lots or existing houses as required so that you can:

a. If at ALL possible, build the required Ice Rink between 2 houses (it doesn't matter if one of them is the Chalet you sold), meaning it has to be in the 2nd or 3rd space of the second row, to get a total of 30 points of Appeal out of it..

b. Build at least 2 Lodges, 3 if you don't manage to buy the existing one. Upgrade them.

c. Be sure to Stage all 3 Lodges.

8. To achieve +40 Appeal: As soon as no longer needed, Demolish the Sawmill and Real Estate Office, removing negative 25 points. You've probably got 30 from the Ice Rink and can paint 2 Lodges for the other 10. If you've only gotten 20 from the Rink, you must build another--perhaps in the top row--and/or paint the other Lodge and another house.

Note that we have NOT built a Workshop. We're keeping the Lodges so busy they have very little time to be damaged, and when they are, a Repair takes no more time than an Inspection. Unlike some other scenarios, we can't afford extra workers who can do precautionary Inspections while building continues.

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