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TODAY'S 03-06-2013 DD

[Post New]by MEnr56 on Mar 6, 13 7:41 AM

DEFINITELY no fix has occurred to this game as I've got a black, flickering section that covers 3/4 of the screen a year+ AFTER said problem had supposedly been fixed.

I've never had such a problem with a game before and I am NOT interested in fiddling with my computer settings for just 1 game. ALL my other games work just fine.


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Re:TODAY'S 03-06-2013 DD

[Post New]by calsmom2001 on Mar 6, 13 9:54 AM
I just played this game for the second time; it ran fine for me both times. Sorry to hear that you have had problems with it MEnr56.

For 2.99, this game is definitely worth a try. The gameplay is somewhat dated; the HOs are not interactive, just straight list HOs, but they are, almost without exception, quite well done. There is a theme to each HO, and the items to be found reflect that. The graphics are very well done indeed, and the attention to artistic detail is exceptional. There is a great old Hollywood/Art Deco feel to this game that I just love. It IS a short game, but absolutely worth the DD price.

For those who dislike any occult references, this game is for you. There is a villain here, but he's completely human. The story is the same old "your relative has disappeared; you must go to the rescue", but at least there are no crashing cars or broken-down mansions (not that there's anything wrong with either of those, at times - RTR comes to mind ). There are three games (that I know of - if you know of more, please PM me!) here on with this sort of theme: "Nancy Drew Dossier: Lights, Camera, and Curses", "Final Cut; Death on the Silver Screen", and this one. I have them all, and I love them all, so my opinion is not exactly unbiased, but if you're at all intrigued, at least give this one a try.

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Re:TODAY'S 03-06-2013 DD

[Post New]by Itsupikachu on Mar 6, 13 2:10 PM
Thank you, calsmom2001, for taking the time to let us know that there are no occult themes. Those of us wanting to know really appreciate it!

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Re:TODAY'S 03-06-2013 DD

[Post New]by NIMHURCHU on Mar 6, 13 4:34 PM
This was a quite enjoyable game, and a fair deal at $2.99.

Options include music, sound and voice controls, brightness, mouse speed, custom cursor, fullscreen and widescreen settings.

There are 2 modes of play: regular and expert. You can change modes during the game. There are still sparkles in expert mode.

There are voiceovers throughout.

There is a map available after acquiring a certain item, and you can use the map to transport to different available locations.

There is a journal with story and clues.

HOS: There are 14 HOS. They are not interactive.

Hint: Refills in 1 min 45 secs in regular mode and 3 mins in expert mode. The hint button works outside of HOS. However, for me, after the end of scene 2 the hint button no longer worked in the HOS.

Puzzles: There are 9 puzzles. They can be skipped in 2 mins in regular mode and 4 mins in expert mode.

Note: For those who don't like creepy crawlies, you must find some in two of the HOS.

The game is quite short. Time played is listed once you have finished the game. I played for 2 hrs 38 mins, without skipping cutscenes, dialogue or puzzles.

Overall, this was a fun game, and I would recommend to demo, at least. It was different to many of my other games, so it was worth $2.99, for me.

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