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Glitch in HOS - Sand

[Post New]by cleep100 on Mar 6, 13 2:45 PM
I found a glitch with the Hint button in a Hidden Object Scene in Chapter Six, on the ship.

The item you are looking for is "sand". I found everything else and then used a Hint to find the sand. The Hint kept pointing at the flipper, but I had already found what was hidden behind the flipper.

Tried the Hint over and over again, still just kept pointing at the flipper. So I found a walkthrough online and was able to ascertain that what you need to do is use the hammer on the hour glass and then select the sand that runs out of it.

Hope this helps anyone who might have the same problem.

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Re:Glitch in HOS - Sand

[Post New]by lisablue4369 on Mar 9, 13 5:40 AM
thanks for that info....................


Re:Glitch in HOS - Sand

[Post New]by Susabelle on Aug 20, 14 6:50 PM
Thank you for the solution, cleep100! I was stuck and couldn't figure out what to do!! This is why I love BFG...everyone helps everybody out!

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