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Eight strategy tips for raising daily income

[Post New]by cat52 on Mar 8, 13 6:51 AM
1. Build things that need each other close together to minimize distance between source and destination and raise trips per day.

2. Upgrade an industry buildings and its trucks together, from low end to high end.
--- Example: Upgrading the cotton farm, the cotton truck and the truck that goes from the cotton farm to the fabrics factory yields more income for both trucks. (But see #4)

3. Look for inexhaustible resources and upgrade trucks trading there immediately.
--- When a road sign has, say, 12 oil drums on it, upgrade the truck fetching it ASAP for maxed daily income. If possible, use more than one truck.

4. When a "from" factory - like steel - has to supply more than one other "to" factory - like tires and auto bodies - keep the "to" trucks at a lower upgrade than the factory when the locations are close, and the same upgrade level when they are not. For example, if your steel mill is far from both places it feeds, have both trucks and the steel mill at the same level. If the destinations are close, then have two no-star trucks for a 1-star steel mill, or 2 1-star trucks for a 3-star steel mill. You can upgrade trucks unevenly if one destination is far and the other one close.
--- The basic goal here is to have each truck carry its maximum load on every trip and not have to wait to load.

5. One bus, one dest-type (and those as close as possible to where you get the people). You can route a bus to both a hotel and entertainment point but it's worth it only if those are close. (But see #7)

6. For buses, don't overload the source with too many buses.
--- If a bus stop has 10 people, putting two buses on it means only that each bus will carry five. An off-map source of 50 people can support a three-star and a no-star or - usually cheaper - a 2-star and a 1-star bus. For on-map people, as with industries, upgrade the neighborhood and buses together.

7. As with industries in tip #4, base your bus upgrades on distance as well as number of people you can pick up. If you have to go all the way across a map to get a 40-person bus stop delivering to a business, you can probably put 2 40-person buses on that trip because the people "renew" more than once a day. The trick here is not to let the buses run too close together. Ideally, one should be at the source when the other is at the destination.
--- Double income without a house upgrade

8. Build tech stations to keep everything running 24x7.

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