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Really Unique & Special Game - The Sequel not on same par

[Post New]by s_sgs on Mar 9, 13 9:17 AM
A reviewer made a comment about the differences between the 2 installments that has stuck with me -

The first really is special in terms of artwork and overall game play. In fact, it could be argued Spring of Shows is in a class with only a few others games of its kind.

The artwork is original, fits together seamlessly scene after scene, with the characters we meet and the HOS and mini-games flowing along very naturally.

I enjoyed the sequel, and each HOS, mini-game, etc. taken independently were clever and fun and had originality. However, taking the sequel as a whole it doesn't have the cohesion or memorable artwork of its predecessor.

The sequel at times seemed polished to the point of being over-produced with gimmicks that Spring of Shadows didn't need. The final battle in the sequel is a great example. -That just became tedious.

I'm just sayin'.

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