[Post New]by briannajordan on Mar 10, 13 3:56 AM
please help!
im stuck on Sherlock Holmes - the mystery of the
Persian Carpet. Im trying to do the decoding and Im
on 19/20 and have no idea how to do the last one!

Someone please help

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[Post New]by bfgBaikal on Mar 12, 13 7:46 AM
Hi briannajordan,

Welcome to the Pond!

There is a bit of decoding to do in this game but it sounds like you are on Vincent's letter.

The solution to this is randomized for each game but the following hint from another Fishies should be useful in solcing it!

prpldva wrote:
ysabo2 wrote:Hi There, can someone tell me how this famous letter from Vincent got resolved. I tried several hours and I gave up!

Left column: Mozart, Cervantes, Shakespeare, Holmes.

Right column: Da Vinci, Conan Doyle, Washington, Voltaire.

Hoping this helps!


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