End of game and no ring

[Post New]by puddinhd58 on Mar 10, 13 7:43 AM
So fustrating!!! I am at the very end of the game...I have the four ruins.... But I never got any ring to get the vial....
All my hearts on the map show nothing left to do, hint doesn't help at all....
Has anyone else had this issue?

Someone said I may have to start at the beginning!... No way...I am not doing this all over again....

Please help...

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Re:End of game and no ring

[Post New]by bfgBaikal on Mar 12, 13 7:37 AM
Hi puddinhd58,

I'm sorry to hear you have had this trouble.

The best suggestion I can think of is to create a new player profile, but yes, doing this would require you to start over from the beginning.

If you would prefer not to take such a drastic step just yet, please get in touch with our Tech Support Team so we can investigate what is going on further and perhaps offer an alternative solution.

Finally, as this is a technical issue and we have a thread dedicated to these types of issues, I will be locking this thread to keep things tidy but please feel free to repost that issue here.

Thank you for working with us and hoping this info is helpful.


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