I,m Stuck

[Post New]by hotdogs2728 on Mar 10, 13 11:35 AM
I,v walked through my game,several times,my hint icon keeps sending me out.I think i need some keys?


Re:I,m Stuck

[Post New]by Banger1961 on Mar 29, 13 12:40 PM
OH LORD! Will some1 help me just begin the dang game? I can't figure out what the heck I'm suppose to be doing. I am stuck in the swamp @ the beginning of the game in the swamp/carriage and can't seem to get passed it. I don't understand what the heck it's wanting me to do. PLEASE?


Re:I,m Stuck

[Post New]by slickace on Feb 11, 14 8:07 AM
I,m stuck on chapter 2 , I have a lighter and telescope in my inventory and can't
find out what to do next ,the hint tells me in every stage to look somewhere else !
went to walkthrew and it did not help.

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