iPad version, skipped a step with Chart 6, no gas can

[Post New]by CPJacob on Mar 10, 13 8:24 PM
I found chart 6 while working on the patients with charts 7 and 8, and happily took it off to the proper room. I solved that room, and am now stuck with only a crowbar and no moves to make, according to the hint button.

I checked the walkthrough, which states to take Chart 6 on the ground in patient 8's room, triggering a hidden-object search in the hallway. That did not happen for me, so no gas can to fuel the generator I assembled in 8's room, and no way to progress in the game.

It also mentions a hidden-object search is triggered after acquiring to flute, resulting in the funnel -- no funnel for me, either, even if I somehow got the gas can.

Can I salvage my progress? Is this a glitch in the iPad version? I've seen no other comments about this.

If I must restart the game, I might just give up. I'm OK with challenges in my games, but not impossible situations.

Any assistance would be appreciated.


Re:iPad version, skipped a step with Chart 6, no gas can

[Post New]by starlight1 on Mar 20, 13 5:15 PM
Ditto to everything he is saying, same trouble please advise!

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