chapter 7, car boot HOS

[Post New]by dotrosie on Mar 12, 13 6:11 AM
cannot find last item - feather! Checked the walkthru, and control f hasn't helped either. Hint useless!! Help please or is this a glitch?

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Re:chapter 7, car boot HOS

[Post New]by bfgMonongahela on Mar 12, 13 4:19 PM
Hi dotrosie,

I looked through our walkthrough too, and I was able to find the HOS you're talking about. (The word "feather" is embedded in one of the pictures, that's why Control+F wasn't working for you. )

You can click here to see a screenshot of that HOS, which has all the items you need to find circled. The feather has a kind of yellow rectangle around it. It's near the middle of the scene, right by those colored beads, and a little above the big red arrow pointing at the snake.

Hope that helps!


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