Welder gone after one use

[Post New]by LeeDassin on Mar 13, 13 3:22 PM
I am currently playing Inbetween Land and have become very stuck, after using a walkthrough guide I have found that I no long have a required item.

I have been advised to use the welder to repair the taps in the underwater tunnel in order to get some water from the taps. However I used the welder on the cable in the broken plane first and it disappeared after that.

I am confused as to how I am to continue now and if items have to be used in a specific order to prevent you getting stuck. It seems strange...

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Re:Welder gone after one use

[Post New]by Pckiller on Mar 15, 13 6:55 AM
Hi LeeDassin,

you don't have to repair the taps. There is a flusk under the tap in the water tunnel.
Click the flusk to open it then click the left valve to get some water.


Re:Welder gone after one use

[Post New]by LeeDassin on Mar 17, 13 11:04 PM
Thank you for that, for some reason the game was not reacting when I touched the tap but I closed the game and opened it again and it worked this time

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