slot quest museum escape HELP

[Post New]by mzbutterfly46 on Mar 13, 13 5:57 PM
Hi all,
I need help... I am playing "Slot quest..Museum Escape", I have been stuck on the on the round where that damn priestess takes 75 points 200 times in a 10minute span. I am really upset, I have been trying to beat her for three days now. Has anyone beat her and if so HOW??????

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Re:slot quest museum escape HELP

[Post New]by bfgBiwa on Mar 14, 13 2:16 AM
Heya mzbutterfly46, welcome to the Pond!

I'm so sorry to hear that you just can't go on with Slot Quest: The Museum Escape .

I had a look into our Slot Quest: The Museum Escape Forum and found the following trick in this post:

voodoo priestess:

geminihawk wrote:The way past the Voodoo priestess and the Indian Chief on the 2nd machine are the same when you start to play the Challenges press the Stats button and the Priestess and the Chief will not steal any credits and also at the end of 10 Mins you will win no matter what your amount of credits are. as Far as I can see this is the way to beat all the final challenges. I hope this helps and Good Luck.

I'll move this thread over to the game's Forum as it is a question specific to the game.

Hope this helps!


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