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DD March 13th, 2013

[Post New]by NIMHURCHU on Mar 13, 13 8:48 PM
The following review is based on completing 4 out of 6 challenges. The game has shut down my computer 8 times since I purchased. After re-booting my computer, many times, the game is now frozen, and I have to turn the power off to my computer to get out of the game. The computer shuts down as I try to uninstall.

There is no choice on mode of play, and there are lots of sparkles indicating areas of interest.

There are voiceovers.

There are no hints.

There are no HOS.

There is no journal.

There is no map.

There is no skip for puzzles, and there are no instructions on puzzles.

Puzzles: In 4 out of the 6 challenges, I came across 18 puzzles. The puzzles were very repetitive. There were 4 jigsaw puzzles, 4 slider puzzles, 1 memory/matching game, 1 click on buttons to turn all a certain colour, and 8 fill in the sequence/lock type puzzles with codes nearby.

Items in inventory are not identified, and are often quite small and obscure, so you don't know what it is that you have to work with. This makes it difficult at times, as you try to determine what is needed to interact with the environment.

The story is repetitive, and uninteresting. However, I have not been able to complete the game, so maybe it is all explained and resolved in the end.

Overall, I cannot recommend the game by my experience. However, I would recommend trying. If you don't like HOS, you'll be happy. With sparkles everywhere, it's a fairly easy adventure if you are a novice, as I am, to adventure type games with no hints or instructions. There is a situation where organized religions are addressed, and some may take exception. However, I did not come across any demonic themes.

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Re:DD March 13th, 2013

[Post New]by ogrprincs on Mar 13, 13 10:07 PM
Hey,NIMHURCHU for 2.99 it is worth the buy.But that it is my thought.It is a nice game to play on a rainy day.No timer nor any rush to get through the game.As to the game shutting down I found that my DirectX needed to be updated when the game first came out.I am not saying this is the problem,but just a suggestion.

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