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Todays DD March 14 2013

[Post New]by cleoladycat on Mar 14, 13 2:30 AM
Any comments fishes?

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Re:Todays DD March 14 2013

[Post New]by NIMHURCHU on Mar 14, 13 11:12 AM
This game is an excellent game! I almost did not download it when I saw the poor star ratings, but am so delighted that I did. Although short, it was well worth the $2.99.

Options include music and ambient sound controls, mode of play, system/custom cursor, and fullscreen.

There are 3 modes of play: Easy, Normal and Hard.

There are no voiceovers.

There is a journal, with useful notes and clues.

There is no map, but it is unnecessary.

Puzzles: There are approximately 11 puzzles. Clicking on the detective badge provides some instruction on solving puzzles. The detective will offer to solve the puzzle for you in approximately 1 min 30 secs in easy mode, 2 mins in normal mode, and 5 mins in hard mode.

HOS: There are approximately 10 "find items on a list" HOS. There are 15 items to be found per scene. The hidden object scenes are absolutely gorgeous and unique. There are approximately 3 "find x number of y " scenes, e.g. 16 pages.
Some objects are small and well hidden, but I only needed the hint once or twice per scene.

Hints: There is a twofold hint system. Clicking on the detective badge will give you clues on where to go or what needs to be done.
Clicking on the vial with yellow liquid to the right of the badge will point out the location of objects. That hint vial will refill in approximately 1 min 30 secs in easy mode, 2 mins in normal mode and 5 mins in hard mode.

As so many reviews have mentioned, this is a game that requires patience, especially in the beginning. The random click penalty is absurd in the beginning, and really should have been corrected where the "adventure" part of the game is imperative. However, if you can persevere to the point where you get to the HOS, the game improves drastically, in my opinion.
Normally, I turn the volume off in games with no voiceovers, but I found the music and ambient sounds to be very soothing and delightful.
The game is short, taking me about 2 hours 40 mins in normal mode, with skipping 2 puzzles. Also, the ending is very abrupt and disappointing, leaving plenty of unsolved mysteries for a sequel.
Overall, I recommend giving this game the full hour trial. I exited and came back to the game 4 times before getting to the point of the HOS. I am so delighted that I persevered. Excellent DD! I'm going back to play again in hard mode.

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Re:Todays DD March 14 2013

[Post New]by Nana6177 on Mar 14, 13 8:13 PM
Thanks for the information NIMHURCHU. I viewed the reviews and was at first hesitant...they were not good at all. However, when someone mentioned it was similar to The Tiny Bang I changed my mind. Tried the demo and decided for $2.99 it was worth a try.

Was confused what the difference was between normal and hard...didn't see any difference at all (NIMHURCHU noted the time between hints).

Takes a little getting use to, I couldn't figure out how to go back or forward until I moved my curser around and saw sparkles.

Bought for $2.99 and it will go on the back burner as a filler game...looking forward to playing it.

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Re:Todays DD March 14 2013

[Post New]by yowzasma on Mar 14, 13 9:15 PM
Thanks for the DD reviews today...Looks like I tried this one out for 1/2 a trial but seeing this DD today I played out the rest and decided to buy..Looks like a good go to game when you don't have the 'clock ticking" and know you don't have to rush..
Definitely a different way to play and LOL don't really have any idea what I'm trying to accomplish, just enjoying 'eye-candy' and diff. mode of play..anyhoo, for $2.99 I have another toy

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