Stuck at carriage wheel

[Post New]by fcarroll on Mar 14, 13 4:25 PM
Can't get past the carriage to get to the policeman in the very beginning. Anyone have this problem? Can you help me?

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Re:Stuck at carriage wheel

[Post New]by bfgBaikal on Mar 16, 13 4:43 AM
Hi fcarroll,

Welcome to the Pond!

Sorry to hear you are having this trouble - my best suggestion would be to have a look at the free 9: The Dark Side Of Notre Dame Walkthrough to see if you can't glean any tips from that!

Checking that what you have done matches up with what is outlined in the walkthrough normally helps resolves progression problems like this.

If the problem persists after consulting the Walkthrough and you feel this may be a tech issue though, please contact Tech Support for further assistance by clicking on the green to the right of the page.

Hope this helps!


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