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Love this game

[Post New]by sunny64 on Feb 23, 09 10:36 PM
After reading a number of reviews, I downloaded this as a trial with reservations.

I really like the set up, the option for shapes or lists. I never used the shapes until really stuck and found that some of the camouflaged items were so good, this was helpful. Some of the mini games were not the "same old" and the graphics are great.
I do dislike on some HO games where you have five vases and guess for the size and shape.

After I purchased the game, I had to start at the same level. The items changed which is great for replay.

This is one enjoyable game and just fun....I'm not through the game yet.....

The download was as usual and the cursor is steady. I invested in a top graphic
card less than a year ago which solved a lot of my game problems.

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Re:Love this game

[Post New]by Ridnhi on Feb 21, 12 6:27 PM
Hey Sunny, I'm enjoying it too. Lots of campy humor and hidden objects to find; places to visit and its just a fun, relaxing game. Its very refreshing to just enjoy playing instead of wandering around in grimy, grungy, places that are not "fun" but a place to slog through to solve the problem, whatever that is. Thanks Big Fish for several light hearted games to just have fun with this past week. And thanks too, to the Developers..........!!!

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