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PC version--Losing golf bucks, mysteriously and for no reason.

[Post New]by krissywillow on Mar 17, 13 10:26 AM
I played all the way through w/ original username and it all went fine.
But now I'm playing again as a new user and I'm losing golf bucks for no reason arbitrarily. I might start a hole with say 2700 gold bucks, get a 1000 long-shot bonus, but when the score thing comes up, I'm down to 500 gb to start (and then it might tack on my 1000 points).

What the heck?? Has anyone else experienced this?

Why did it work fine the first play through (which took several months because I didn't play every day) and now it is doing this strange thing?

Can't progress w/out golf bucks!!

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Re:PC version--Losing golf bucks, mysteriously and for no reason.

[Post New]by bfgIzara on Mar 21, 13 10:18 AM
Hey there krissywillow,

I just spoke with our Fairway experts here, and it sounds like a few other customers have run into similar issues while playing.

If you contact our Mobile Support Team one of our Reps will work with you on some troubleshooting steps that may help to get those Golf Bucks from mysteriously disappearing!

Just click on the green to the right of the page and then select the Contact Us link to the bottom left to reach them.

I hope this is helpful and keeping my fins crossed that this gets sorted out quickly for you!


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