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Cant find the gold bar

[Post New]by 65536553 on Mar 17, 13 3:58 PM
In the grotto you need the gold bar to strike the wedge, however cant find it anywhere. The strategy guide gives no indication and the hint system does not help

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Re:Cant find the gold bar

[Post New]by burf90 on Mar 17, 13 4:25 PM
You get the gold bar much earlier in the game, before you used the jackhammer to clear the debris and leave the museum basement. It was on a bed along with the pole you had to use to free Carmen. I don't think you can leave the museum without it (or you'll still be able to go back and get it). So, it's probably in your inventory and just scrolled off the screen.

Try clicking the "arrow" on the left side of your inventory screen - it looks like a crescent at the end of the bar, to scroll to the first item in your inventory and you'll probably find the gold bar. It's not very shiny and actually looks more like a brick.

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