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Today's DD 20 2013

[Post New]by cleoladycat on Mar 20, 13 1:56 AM
Any comments fishes?

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Re:Today's DD 20 2013

[Post New]by sunshinej on Mar 20, 13 4:37 AM
It took me a bit to figure out what I was doing. I played in expert and when they say no sparkles they mean no sparkles. No voice overs in game everything must be read. In the first HO scene you needed to find a spade blade (?). I hit hint and it looked liked a dustpan. Then I understood it was a bottom of a shovel. I think patience is needed in the beginning to warm up to the game. I haven't decided if I will get it or not.

ETA...After reading some of the reviews that say that this game gets better the further you get into it, I think I will get it.

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Re:Today's DD 20 2013

[Post New]by NIMHURCHU on Mar 20, 13 10:44 AM
This is a mediocre game, but worth the $2.99, for me. I was hesitant when I read many of the reviews, but after playing the entire game, it seems that several of the complaints were corrected since last year's reviews. The hint in casual mode refilled rather quickly (approx. 30 secs), I did not notice many misidentified objects (no more than usual ), and I had no trouble understanding the dialogue. I don't mind a few grammatical/syntax errors.

There are 2 modes of play: Casual and expert. You can switch between modes mid game. There are no sparkles in expert mode, and only a few "twinkles" in casual mode.

There is a journal.

There is no map, but the hint button will point you in the right direction. The hint button does not deplete in this instance.

HOS: There are approx. 16 HOS. In each scene, you have at least one green item to find, which requires interaction. If you find 3 items rapidly, you get a "bonus"? I must have missed something because I really don't know what the bonus was. All that I noticed is that there were 4 smaller spheres by the hint button. Each one filled after getting the 3 items, but that was it. Once you find the inventory items (2 blue items), you can skip the rest of the HOS, by clicking on the skip button above the inventory bar. I used this feature with 3 of the HOS, just because I didn't feel like looking for the rest. I think that this is a fantastic feature!

Hints: Refill in approximately 30 secs in casual mode and 90 secs in expert mode. Hints do work outside of HOS and I found them to be extremely helpful. The hint shows you areas of interest, and if you need more help, it shows you which inventory item to be used in a particular area.

Puzzles: There are approximately 7 or 8 puzzles. do one of the puzzles twice, and I can't remember if I counted it twice. Puzzles can be skipped in approx. 1 min in casual mode and 90 secs in expert mode. I found some of the puzzles to be quite difficult, and skipped 3 of them after losing patience.

Overall, I was hoping for more of an improvement as the game progressed, but I had 4 hours of fun, regardless. The graphics in the cut scenes are grainy, but gameplay scenes are clear and nicely drawn. The story became more interesting, but ended abruptly. I will play this game again, as there was plenty of adventure and fun interaction.

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