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How do you get cash and/or garbage?

[Post New]by haolegirll on Mar 21, 13 3:34 PM
I get notes saying get more cash/garbage and don't understand the connection. I often have planted all the plants I can (which produced garbage), but then nothing. Please assist?

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Re:How do you get cash and/or garbage?

[Post New]by Wolverine257 on Mar 21, 13 5:52 PM
The icon is a little vague and the first note where you start dealing with gain (level 27?) has confusing instructions. In that level, picking up the garbage in the path costs money, so you have to do something that earns money as well or else you won't be able to anything.

So the icon is actually a bag of Money (Gain). Depending on the level, picking up resources, clearing items from the paths, building buildings and planting plants either costs you money or earns you money (sometimes both).

You automatically get $5 every couple of seconds (the "game hour"), but depending on the level you can get more by planting or building special structures. Some levels let you sell resources for cash at a trading post. Some levels have gold statues that increase the amount of money you earn every cycle.

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