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Word fusee

[Post New]by bbelle on Mar 25, 13 5:00 AM

I looked the word in my Official Scrabble Players Dictionary and there is such a word. It means a large headed -friction match. Dont' want to seem smart-aleck or anything but Scrabble has been a favorite of mine for 50 years.

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Re:Word fusee

[Post New]by Mr_Russ on Mar 25, 13 11:48 AM
twinsoniclab wrote:ETA When the computer can use "eh" as a word, something's wrong!
It's the two and three letter words that are the difference between friends and family and competition. The guide in the UK used to be The Chambers Dictionary. It's been the Collins Dictionary since 2005.

Colliins has an official tournament word list and words can be checked on-line.

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Re:Word fusee

[Post New]by alvertis5706 on Mar 25, 13 12:24 PM
I always look upon it as the computer teaching me words. Today, I learned that "drear" is a word. Without a "y" on the end.

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