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Increasing population

[Post New]by GeorgeTSLC on Mar 25, 13 9:11 PM
Of course we quickly learn that dwelling places increase population. But some possible surprises are revealed by a leisurely perusal of the Strategy Guide--available by hitting Esc inside any locality, or from the link on the opening screen--and some experimentation.

Like Inns, Bakeries not only increase effective food but also population; they provide bonuses to how many people will live in each of your Houses and Town Houses. And even in Trader Houses! An Advanced Bakery's 15% bonus lets a 9th merchant live in a Royal Trader House, and a Royal Bakery's 25% makes up to 10 comfortable there. (The plain Bakery's 10% has no effect, so the resulting 8.8 must be truncated rather than rounded. But the 10 for a plain basic House does become 11.)

The population advantages stack (add) rather than multiply. Thus, the 20 residents in an all-wooden Royal House are increased to 29 by a Royal Bakery's 25% plus a Royal Inn's 20%: 145% of the base number. (120% x 125% would be 150%, for 30, but that's not what happens.)

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