Red lightbulb

[Post New]by Djualys on Mar 26, 13 9:59 AM
Hi everyone!
Im on day 2 of the game and I am trying to put the film in the developer in the study room.
But it always gives me the message that the room needs to be red in order to put the film in the developer.

But the room is already red, the red lightbulb is in place and not anymore in my inventory. (Even the blue is gone)­.
What can I do??
Thanks for you help.

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Re:Red lightbulb

[Post New]by Pckiller on Mar 27, 13 12:41 AM
Hi Djualys,

did you get the key from under the floor in the study? (can only be done with the blue bulb) Or the bulb is just gone?
This could be a glitch.

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Re:Red lightbulb

[Post New]by psgraham on Oct 1, 13 11:50 AM
I can't get the key out from under the floor board. my bulb is blue and i have used the hammer and nothing happens. did you ever figure out how to get the key?

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