Three Stars of Destiny Strategy Guide

[Post New]by loonatikk98 on Mar 26, 13 10:22 AM
Downloaded and installed, but the guide will not come up. Uninstalled and reinstalled, and the guide still will not come up. No error codes displayed, no other screen opens. Can play the game, but not the guide.

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Re:Three Stars of Destiny Strategy Guide

[Post New]by bfgSeine on Mar 26, 13 11:15 AM
Hi loonatikk98,

Welcome to the Pond, and I'm sorry to hear that's happening. Because there might be a couple reasons for that happening, I recommend getting in touch with our Tech Support Team so they can look into that for you.

We also have a dedicated Forum and technical issues thread for 3 Stars of Destiny already, so I'll go ahead and move this discussion over there and lock it. Please feel free to post any technical problems with the game here.

I hope that helps so you can use the guide!


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