canot have multi player

[Post New]by crissycs on Mar 27, 13 9:19 AM
I only seem to be able to have one player, in options there is a tab 'play as' but it does not do anything when I click it.
Have uninstalled and reinstalled but still the same.
Am I missing something, grandkids like to play when they are here so a bit annoying they canot play it.

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Re:canot have multi player

[Post New]by Ovogame on Mar 30, 13 7:07 AM
You are right, there is only just one profile. So, you can't create multi-games. Having said that, your grand children can still play the game, they can select any levels they want to play, so they could just select level 1 from chapter one and carry own.

"Play as" is use to change your character, you play with the "girl bird" instead of the "boy bird".

Finally, you can reset your whole game in the options, but that will erase any previous games (so, you'll have to start from the beginning again).


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