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For those who are stuck

[Post New]by Moon38 on Mar 27, 13 8:56 PM
Ok guys I just finished the game and thought I'd share some things that should help the rest of you.

1. Make sure you collect your secret items. Often they're the ones you'll need to trade for other things elsewhere.
2. Make sure you explore ALL parts of your states. Some have two even three parts to them. Look carefully for navigation arrows.
3. Once you've done these two things then is the time to see if you can trade. When you pull up your trade scene, look to see if you still have a silhouette or an image of the sought item. If you have an image, you're ready to trade and move on. If not, try steps 1 and 2 again.

I hope this helps out you guys some. I found it to be a very enjoyable game and once you guys are able to advance, I bet you do too. Enjoy and happy gaming!


Re:For those who are stuck

[Post New]by BonnieTN on Oct 7, 13 10:38 PM
Thanks so much. Explains why I am stuck. I got all my secret pick (with the red eye). But as you wrote, when I go to trade all the items are shilloute. Are these items we are told to pick or what? I have no idea what the item is; a stick or twig is one.

I love these games and have had hundreds of them but this is frustrating.

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