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[Post New]by hjg3000 on Mar 28, 13 7:49 AM
Hello, I'm looking for a new game to buy. If you could please tell me a little bit about this game and its storyline I would really apprentice it. I really want to know weather its worth a buy. Thanks


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[Post New]by memawclay2 on Apr 6, 13 5:02 AM
This is your typical good guys vs bad guys for the ultimate win, saving the world and incidentally, their favorite humans.
Favorite humans??
Why yes, all the humans have been turned to stone by a wicked witch and her nefarious and alien henchmen. All that stands between her and her uber world destroying plans are a motley band of loyal and cuddly pets.
Is it sappy?
Is it sweet?
Do you think you might enjoy playing a darling and adorable kitten/puppy kick bu...and take names??
Try it for yourself, 1 hour or less will allow you to get a good feel for this gem of an RPG.
My only complaint is wondering when the dev will release Part 2.

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