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Solve the garden puzzle the quickest?

[Post New]by busygider on Mar 28, 13 2:59 PM
Has anybody gotten the gold medal for solving the garden puzzle the quickest way possible, and if so how?

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Re:Solve the garden puzzle the quickest?

[Post New]by PowickE on Mar 31, 13 7:13 AM
Achieved this by the following

Stop time first of all then pick up all the tools, work your way through the blockages.

Use fast working when available

Pick up tools

Activate pylons 2nd left and 4th right. All blue gates now open

Build bridge, remove blockages to stone/take stone
Activate pylon through blue gates

Use fast movement when available

Build stone bridge/remove blockage/take seeds

Activate pylon 1st left Yellow gates now all open

Build bridge/ Make Path open the box...

Use all the help you can get as they refresh.

I used time stopper, fast working then fast movment in that order.

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Re:Solve the garden puzzle the quickest?

[Post New]by delisa31 on May 22, 13 10:08 PM
Powicke, do you know what was your time to complete the level when you got the trophy? it is probably your best time.

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