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Level 22 bonus problem

[Post New]by bbruce261 on Mar 29, 13 9:28 AM
Ok I checked on youtube and ollowed level 22 to see what color flowers t plant for the bonus. I did it exactly like they did and they got the bonus but I can not. Starting from top to left to bottom colors are Red, Blue, Blue, Red, Red, Red, top right Purple, Purple and bottom right Blue, Red. Someone please help.


Re:Level 22 bonus problem

[Post New]by tlmillsela on Mar 31, 13 10:02 AM
Thanks to the poster for the info!! I used red by the alter and blue/purple every where else and finally got the bonus!!! A clue for gold time is to use the boosts and the alter to refill them!!


Re:Level 22 bonus problem

[Post New]by Allison06 on Jul 30, 13 6:03 PM
I used red trees and blue flowers on the left side of the pond (near the water shack), and orange flowers and purple trees on the right side (near the altar). Got gold time and bonus

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