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Walkthrough for Lost Tales: Forgotten Souls available!

[Post New]by bfgTokoro on Mar 30, 13 1:24 AM
Not sure where to go next? Need a hand?

Check out the free walkthrough for Lost Tales: Forgotten Souls on our blog!

You can find our Blog by clicking on the link Blog at the top of this page. Then, click on the tab Walkthroughs where you can enter some keywords to search for your game, or you can use the alphabetically ordered list under the search option.

Or you can click on the link below:

Lost Tales: Forgotten Souls Walkthrough

If you’re looking for a specific item or puzzle, try using your browser’s search function by pressing keyboard keys CTRL and F at the same time, bringing up your search bar. Enter a keyword like “SPOON” and hit enter to jump to sections containing that word.

Happy gaming!


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Re:Walkthrough for Lost Tales: Forgotten Souls available!

[Post New]by joyce2121 on Apr 22, 13 11:35 AM
At beginning, it says walkthrough written by Rebekah.

At end is says walkthrough written by Margie B.


Whoever, would sure like to know how they built the tower
for the final scene.

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Re:Walkthrough for Lost Tales: Forgotten Souls available!

[Post New]by bfgBaikal on Apr 24, 13 4:12 AM
Hi joyce2121,

Nice spot!

I queried this just recently actually and I can assure you that the author is the person listed in the introduction, so this walkthrough is by Rebekah.

Margie B is always listed at the foot of the walkthrough pages as regardless of who authors them as MargieB uploads them, hence the page lists her profile automatically.

We plan to have this fixed in future but I hope this helps clear things up for now.

And in terms of the tower, as it is a random, there is not much more we can offer by way of help other than what is in the walkthrough. I can only presume that you need to construct it using the largest items at the bottom, with smaller more irregular shapes to the top.

I'm keeping my fins crossed for you anyway!


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