Level 40

[Post New]by mspeanut on Mar 30, 13 1:13 PM
I have played this level so many time and so many ways. I just can't get all the building down. I tried building a farm first thing and I just can't get the 6 worker fast enough. Please anyone that can help, I would love it.


Re:Level 40

[Post New]by mspeanut on Mar 30, 13 7:02 PM
I just won level 40. Here is how I won. Hope it helps someone else out there.

First thing, clear the way to the big sawmill and have your two men get $750.00 and then go and take down the small sawmill and put up a Farm. Then go and take down the gem house on the left side and put up another Farm. With the two men you have take down all the other building you can while the cat gets the food you need to get your other men(by the way you will need 8 so don't quit getting the food. Don't forget to take down one Farm at a time at the end with the extra two men.
Just keep adding men as you get the food.Be ready with the 6 men to start taking down the big houses. Keep an ear out for the timer. The more you do this the faster you will get.

Have fun.

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Re:Level 40

[Post New]by Mettefreja on May 22, 13 6:29 AM
Thanks for the help.

Just for the reference: you don't need to pull down any buildings you have build (like the farms) to win the level - only the ones from the beginning of the level.


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